Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts


This past Friday Hannah Storm wore a white blouse and was looking spectacular again. I love seeing her every morning when I exercise.

More thoughts about "The Killing". I'd thought this was one of the shows that ew.com recapped. I waited all day yesterday in hopes they'd have a new recap. But other than a short video review, nothing was forthcoming. I like to read reviews there to see if my thoughts are crazy or if other people agree with my viewpoint.

Other things that bothered me about the Season 2 two part premiere of "The Killing":

  1. The whole Lt. Oaks story line. Is he part of the conspiracy? Or is he yet another incompetent policeman. He was forced to take early retirement under the guise that the investigation was so messed up. However I was glad to see his replacement, Lt. Carlson. (Carlson is played by Mark Moses, he formerly played Duck Phillips on "Mad Men".)
  2. The whole idea of Stan Larson's mob ties. Yannick is another character they bring in when they want to boost the tension. But it doesn't really work very well. Also Stan wants Yannick to find and kill whoever killed Rosie. Hasn't Stan learned his lesson yet. He nearly beat Bennet to death as he was found guilty in the court of the public.
  3. The next episode Mitch unfortunately returns, a terrible actress and a lame character. Also the title of the next episode is "Numb". I don't think it's a good idea for a show to broadcast how it's audience will fill when an episode is over.
One final note about AMC programming. Dearest "Mad Men" what the hell are you doing to my Betty Draper? I'm sorry Betty Francis will never sound right. I know they were forced to hide January Jones real life pregnancy, but isn't there a better way to do that than how it was done? This is one of the most beautiful women in the word. Please remember that going forward. I do predict the next time we see Betty, she'll be back to her gorgeous self. Although at the end of the episode, her health scare was a nice touch. It brought out a little more humanity in Betty, which that character desperately needs. Although Betty does seem to be getting irrelevant in the "Mad Men" universe. I missed her in the first two episodes of the season, but on Sunday's episode her being on felt forced.

Dedicated to Harry Crane, this is the Rolling Stones in 1966:

Her character reminds me of my ex-wife in so many ways, it's uncanny. Also is it just me or makeup, but aren't the characters of Betty and her daughter Sally starting to look remarkably alike?

Although "my" NHL team is the Detroit Red Wings, I don't follow them a whole lot during the regular season. However with the playoffs closing in, I started to pay more attention. Although the Red Wings playoff run last season was way too short, I enjoyed their hard fought series against the San Jose Sharks. Detroit is in fourth place in the NHL's Western Conference playoff chase. (I have to admit I always laugh to myself when I see that the Red Wings are in the Western Conference.) The Red Wings had a horrendous March, only winning 4 of their games. They also are only 2-6-2 over their last 10 games. 

Hopefully they've started to turn things around with their 2-1 victory over Florida on Sunday. Who will they play in the first round of the playoffs? Will it be Nashville? Chicago? LA? Phoenix? San Jose? Dallas? (Thanks to the Detroit Free Press website.)


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