Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back and Dirty as Ever xxxx

Hi Guys

sorry have not posted in last few weeks but this slut is moving house and i just havent had time to sit down and type away.  Anyway to make up for my lack of posting i have put a little picture up of me sucking off a guy from last friday morning. The guy in question is steve my boyfriends mate who as u can see has a lovely thick cock and certainly knows how to use it .... and boy does he cum heavy lol x

I have to admit i do love sucking steve off and have made it quite a regular affair over the last year , something im going to miss when i move next week :( . However i know their are plenty of horny guys back up north and i do miss my lovely merseyside. If their are any more sexy pics u wanna see then let me know or simply come visit me via SlutPrincess

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love and hugs

Leigh x

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