Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Walking Dead" Season 2 finale "Beside The Dying Fire"


This episode started off with the camera zooming in on zombies eating a deer. Next we hear and see a helicopter. The zombies also see it and start following the helicopter. Groups of zombies, like rivers flowing to an ocean, start joining together. It seems many of these zombies migrate near Hershel's farm, but that doesn't seem to be their final destination. Glenn later suggested that the zombies seem to be like migrating. But what would be the purpose of them migrating? Warm weather probably. What kind of internal mechanism do they have that would cause them to migrate?

My thought is they are being lured to one location. But for what reason? I know in season 3 we meet the Governor and that he's in charge of the prison that we see at the end of the finale. Is the Governor luring the zombies? I believe in the graphic novels the zombies are made sport of. But I also wonder if this is an attempt by a group of survivors to kill off a large amount of zombies at once. A strategy that I've been pushing for for a long time now.

Rick and Carl are having a heart to heart talk when they noticed the zombies are all around them. They work their way through the zombies to the barn. The zombies chase and are intent on getting them. When was the last time the zombies ate? In a scene that makes no sense to me. Rick pours a bunch of gas on the floor and then lets the zombies in, using himself as bait. Then the smallest action hero Carl drops the lighter on the floor setting many in the zombie herd on fire. My question is why open the door and put themselves at jeopardy? I suggest starting the fire is a great idea, it will kill off several zombies.
(Potential band names: Zombie Herd.)

Rick and Carl escape by jumping on top of the RV that drove up to the barn by one of Hershel's random family members. The RV is then overrun by the zombies. Didn't they have a contingency plan to get him out of the RV? Or was that intentional by random family member of Hershel? If it was it certainly makes that lame character much more interesting. Patricia is killed by the zombies as she was holding on to another random Hershel family member Beth. The girl that calls Suicide Girl. Other than Hershel and Maggie, the rest of his family was completely boring. Hershel only became interesting in this final episode. (In an interview with "The Walking Dead" executive producer, Robert Kirkman said the deaths of Jimmy and Patricia were very "emotional". Um no they weren't at all. I was so disinterested in these characters that I didn't even know their names. I only know because of that interview with Kirkman.)

We also had to see more of the horrendous acting of Sarah Wayne Cailles. She plays Lori Grimes. She's as lame a character as a random Hershel family member, but she receives a lot more screen time. And her screen time is filled with terrible acting and way too many speeches. Instead of having the fight or flight instinct. She has the dither or whine instinct. Of course she had misplaced Carl again. Yawn. I'm not really caring about this boring family unit. I was rooting for the zombies to get Lori. Too much time was spent on the character of Lori Grimes overacting screaming for Carl. Yawn again. The Grimes family is lame.

Hershel is defiantly defending his property. He has a shotgun and several bullets as he takes out the zombies one by one. The same man that previously housed zombies in his barn, thinking they still had some humanity in them, is now massacring them. But one thing that bothered me about this scene is that Hershel never looked behind him. For whatever reason although these characters live in a world where one can die anytime, they seem to be pretty calm. Of course this also could have been seen as a scene where Hershel was going to kill as many zombies as he could before they got him. Like a captain going with his ship. Rick showed up in time to kill the zombie sneaking up on Hershel. I like this new action figure Hershel. Later he even made a joke. He's much more human and thus a lot more interesting. Lori needs to desperately undergo a similar kind of transformation. The whiny Lori Grimes has overextended her welcome and needs to woman up.

The characters looking like they were having fun mowing down the zombies. A real life first person shooter game. Although if the plan was to get in the vehicles all along, then why did they spend all all that time boarding up the windows? Why did Hershel tell his family to turn off the lights in the house? How did they have electricity anyway. There wasn't a whole lot that made sense on Hershel's farm.

Andrea was somehow left behind, over the last few episodes she's turned into a much more interesting character. She became a crack shot and has learned how to take care of herself, which ultimately was the difference in her living. It looked like she was going to be zombie food, out of nowhere Michonne showed up. That's awesome, I've heard a lot of good things about that character. Since I've only read the first two graphic novels, I don't know much about the character. Her back story has been published recently and I would love to read it. Too bad it's published in slimy Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine.

Glenn finally told Maggie that he loved her. I'm sorry if I'm living in the zombie apocalypse, I'm not going to stop in the middle of nowhere to tell someone that I love them. Especially if I love them, I was waiting for a zombie to come out of nowhere and attack their vehicle. But the convenient zombie rule worked in favor of Glenn and Maggie.

T Dawg was driving with Lori and random Hershel family member. T Dawg was all about heading to the coast, but Lori was having none of that. She threatened to get out unless T Dawg turned around and went back. He should have waited until she was about to jump out and then sped up. Unfortunately T Dawg fell for her bluff. T Dawg actually had multiple lines in this episode and has moved higher than a Hershel random family member in the pecking order.

Everyone, except for Andrea, met on the freeway. I loved how the camera lingered on the message to Sophia to stay where she was from back at the start of the season. That was a horribly boring story line. But now that we know what happened to her, that was a sweet moment.

The people that escaped are Hershel, Maggie, random Hershel family member (Beth), Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie and T Dawg.

After an exciting start to the episode unfortunately the characters had time to stop and think. That gave time for more terrible acting by Sarah Wayne Cailles. A terrible actress who also happens to inhabit one of the lamest characters ever. Rick admitted to Lori that he had killed Shane. His description included a lot of bad acting by the actor playing Rick Grimes. Lori wasn't too excited when she found out that Rick had finally had enough and killed Shane. I'd thought that she was over Shane, but I guess not. She stalked off and held on to Carl as if it meant the end of the world. At least she knows where Carl is this time. When she walked away from Rick a bit and the way shehalf way bent over, did she mean to take on the mannerisms of a zombie? Again the most obnoxious character on TV.

Again Rick isn't my favorite character, but by now he has earned the leadership mantle. Why are people still questioning Rick's leadership? I'm glad he pointed out to them where the door is. If you don't like Rick by now, I would say it's time to move on. I was glad that Rick said this was now a dictatorship. I like Daryl and how he stuck up for Rick. The only true challengers to Rick's throne were Hershel and Shane. The first gave up leadership to Rick and obviously Shane has been killed. Daryl doesn't want the leadership mantle.

We finally found out what Jenner told Rick back at the CDC that everyone has the zombie bug. That certainly explains why there are so many zombies. I want to know why does anyone think Jenner's information is that big of a deal? How is this relevant to anybody? Other than when someone dies not by zombie, shoot them in the head. This plot point was so uninteresting that I'd completely forgotten about it.

In the parting shot of this episode the camera focuses on a lighted fortress of some kind. I don't know for sure but I think the characters are about to meet The Governor. We know that he'll be in Season 3 and that his role has been cast. Let's hope Season 3 is more like the second half, than first half, of Season 2.

Zombies are one of the coolest villains and this show still has potential. Thank goodness some of the way too many characters have been killed off. Now the trick is to keep about 10 significant cast members, with a few fringe characters to drive the action occasionally.


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