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"The Walking Dead": "Better Angels", March Madness Is Here, "This Is War"


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Last night was another okay episode of "The Walking Dead". About the first 50 minutes were  pointless. It doesn't help when any of the Grimes family comes on to the screen. This show always grinds to a halt when either Rick, Lori or Carl appear on camera. If anyone starts on a speech, especially Rick or Lori, it just kills the episode. There was the horrendously boring speech by Rick at Dale's funeral. Rick said something about now that Dale is dead, they'll be doing things his way. Why? Dale was one of the most boring and illogical characters in this show. Listening to Rick's speech means we had to endure the worst accent on broadcast TV.

But I like how that boring funeral scene was intercut with the survivors taking a more proactive approach of killing zombies. I never understood only killing the zombies when they came to you. And I know the producers can't kill off all the zombies asap, because then that would be the end of the show. But in my zombie apocalypse, my strategy would be to kill off all the zombies asap. Also it drives me nuts that Rick just turned his back on Shane's dead body. Why hasn't he learned not to take anything for granted?

Later in the episode Lori apologized to Shane. Seriously could that scene have been any more boring or pointless? Especially with Shane dying at the end of the episode. I realize Lori is a main character, so the producers need to give her something to do. But why do they always have to have her do something senseless, needless or dreadfully boring? That Lori's character is inhabited by one of the worst actresses currently working doesn't help either. I'm rooting for the zombies to kill her off next week. I think we all know that the baby has been lost. That's good, because this show needs another Grimes like it needs another of Hershel's random family members.

Also thank goodness for the death finally of Randall, the whiniest character in "The Walking Dead" history, even worse than Lori. It was another sub plot that was around for only one reason. It was meant to give more story to the series. But again it was a pointless waste of time. Yet another dead spot on a show that has too many dead spots as it is. I'm glad to see some of the too many characters being reduced though.

I know that Shane had both a lot of detractors and fans. I was mostly a fan of his, because he was one who always preferred to let his actions do his talking. But on the other hand, Shane was growing more and more tiresome. His verbal battles with Dale and the constant friction with Rick. Yawn. He wanting to become the leader was also getting entirely boring. To be an effective leader, people have to want to follow you. Besides Andrea, who would have really wanted to follow Shane? Although I'm not sure why people are following Rick either. He's indecisive and worries about other people's opinions too much. He has a hard time pulling the trigger, both literally and figuratively.

I enjoyed that we found out that once anyone dies they automatically become a zombie. It just doesn't happen when they get bit. That actually answers one of my questions about this show. I could never reconcile how there were all these zombies. Usually when the zombies found living people they just ate them. So when were these people becoming zombies? Now we know what happens when a person dies.  That explains a lot and is a cool plot point. But it also brings up other questions, where are they getting all their food from? Yes, I know I complain a lot about this show, but it's plot points like this that keep me coming back. I also have a soft spot for zombies.

The convenient zombie theory comes up again. While Shane was being killed, there just happened to be a whole herd of zombies near enough to see and hear the killing? That seems way too convenient. But on the other hand it's a long time in coming. In the graphic novel zombies overrun Hershel's farm and finally get the survivors back on the road. It's about time that Rick and the few survivors leave Hershel's boring farm. If Glenn stays behind like he does in the graphic novel, then it won't be a very imposing group. The three-and-a-half whiny Grimes, the last real man of the group Daryl, T Dawg, Andrea and Sophia's Mom. A character so worthless I can't even remember her name. Sarcasm alert, um yeah that group wouldn't have a hard time in the zombie apocalypse. Although since the TV show veers from the graphic novel, I hope that Glenn and Maggie join Rick's group. Maggie is the only true eye candy in this show.

Speaking of zombies, the Knicks have crashed back to earth and reality. The Knicks have lost 5 straight games. And Linsanity has crashed to Lincholia. Is it a big surprise once teams were able to prepare and plan for Lin, that his game went downhill. And since it seemed he was the Knicks spark plug the rest of the team followed him down.

Carmelo Anthony continues his mediocre play. Really this is the player there was all that hand wringing about last season? We had to endure all his whining while the Nuggets were hung out to dry. It reminds me of a certain Magic player this season. In Sunday's game Anthony missed 8 of 13 shots, continuing his season long shooting slump. He's only shooting 40% on the season. After spending a lot of money and trading away key players to acquire the overrated Anthony, why is there still anyone surprised the Knicks are so bad? I love ESPN's Bill Simmons, but I have never understood what he sees in Anthony. (I loved Simmons joke about Stoudamire's expiring contract in a couple of years in a recent column.)

They also overspent on the overrated Amare Stoudamire and signed the similar type player in Tyson Chandler. After all that money and aggravation where are the Knicks in the playoff picture? Currently they are in 8th place in the Eastern Conference. What does that mean? That means that they will get swept by the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs and get a mid first round pick. It also means they'll remain a mediocre team next season. And it would be interesting to see how bad the Knicks would be if it wasn't for the Linsanity surge.

And surely with the amazing Anthony in New York, the Nuggets have completely fallen apart right? Um, no. Denver is 23-19, 4.5 games better than the Knicks. The Nuggets are in 6th place in the much tougher Western Conference. Ultimately they are stuck in the good for nothing mediocre zone.

March Madness is upon us, it officially starts tomorrow. Usually I don't pay attention to the games played before Thursday. However I'll actually be interested in so called The First Four this season as BYU is playing Tuesday night. I was surprised that any school from Utah received an invite to the NCAA's. Utah had an abysmal season in a terrible conference. Both USU and Weber State didn't win their conference tournaments, which is the only way either team would have made The Big Dance. So literally the only team I thought had even a remote chance of making it was BYU. Having said that I'm still surprised that they received an invite. The third best team from a lower mid major conference isn't the best way to make The Big Dance. Still I don't think a lot of people are scared of the Noah Hartsock lead Cougars.

But for the team I'll be cheering for to win it all, as it is every year, is North Carolina. Go Tar Heels! And just as fervently I'll be cheering against the pasty Dukies.

I saw "This Means War" Saturday night and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. The three main actors in it were very good. I loved the bond rivalry between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. I loved how good the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon is in this movie. Chelsea Handler is hilarious as Witherspoon's wacky friend. There was a good mix of action, comedy and heart. Although I do have to admit I was a little disappointed with the ending of the movie. I wanted Tuck to get the girl. That felt more realistic to me. I guess getting his ex-wife was getting the girl, but felt like a cop out. My favorite part of the movie is all the surprising comedic moments. In the trailer for this movie, all the secrets and highlights aren't given away.

The trailer follows, now I know again why I wasn't overwhelmed to see this movie. The trailer just isn't very good. It isn't representative of the film at all. I give "This Means War" a solid B+.

Now for some great songs:

Klymaxx's "I Miss You":

A song that still holds up 35 years after it was released. Kiss' "Rock N' Roll All Night":

Morrissey's "Redondo Beach":


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