Friday, March 2, 2012

Vendetta Red: It's Time For A Comeback


Warning this blog is for mature people only. Vendetta Red is a band that kicks some serious butt. However they talk about many subjects that will scare the prudish. Those topics include sperm, sex and rape- you get the idea.

Vendetta Red is a band I've written about before. They only had a brief time in the sun, before fading back to obscurity. This is their most famous song, which they performed at their one night only concert on March 5th, 2011. (I have no way to confirm or deny this, just taking the word of the person that posted it to

However they also have a very good CD that came out a couple of years following their 2003 EP "Shatterday".  In 2005, they released the CD "Sisters Of The Red Death". I don't remember this CD making any impact at all. This is a selection of the many good songs from that CD:

First of all this was the song that ignited this blog. When I was exercising this morning, the song "Coital Improv" came on. I thought to myself I really like that song, but I couldn't remember who sung it. I checked my iPod and remembered how great that CD is. I especially like the "shanty town" line. This is "Coital Improv": (sorry the sound is terrible, their live sound seemed to be very muddy)

"Gloria" (only 102 views on youtube):

"Silhouette Serenade" (it actually looks like they made at least one video for this CD):

Before I get out today, I want to share a really cool song with you. This is a new Arcade Fire song from "The Hunger Games" Soundtrack. I'm really looking forward to "The Hunger Games" movie. I love the trailer for it, it shows enough to get you to want to see the movie. However it doesn't give away too much of the story. Of course millions of readers already know the story. Anyway I love "Abraham's Daughter" and it's driving rhythm:

A quick sports note: Who in the hell was the idiot that traded for AJ Burnett? It seemed the Pirates were building on their early season success from last year. Then they go and trade for Burnett, a mediocre pitcher that has never lived up to his potential. He doesn't perform well in big games, a lot of times the Yankees didn't even use him in big games. And although he has been in MLB for several years, he still doesn't know how to handle a bat? A simple practice bunt attempt and he injures himself? He'll be out for the Pirates for 8-12 weeks. But it's not like he's that big of a loss. On the positive side, he does look good in the Pirates uniform. Sigh.

I know the Yankees Brian Cashman loved that deal. Pittsburgh here's a hint: don't trade for Jon "Sorely" Lackey of the Red Sox. Not only does he suck, but he'll miss the whole season recovering from Tommy John surgery.

In spite of that Pittsburgh I'll still be cheering for you this season. Got a Pirates hat on the way from amazon.

Also good luck to BYU who starts in the WCC Tournament tonight. Although they probably would get knocked out in the first round of the NCAAs, it would be nice to see them get in.


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