Sunday, March 4, 2012

Utes Men's Basketball Has Hit A New Low, BYU Falls


No one expected this Utes team to be even a mediocre team, so there's no surprise their record is 6-24 now. But did anyone expect the disaster that happened last night. Again not a surprise that they lost by a lot of points, they just aren't a very good team. But what's surprising is that after 13 minutes they trailed in the game by 34-2. How does a men's college basketball team get down by that much? That's them not playing either defense or offense. And can I just point out this is a very bad Pac 12 conference this year. They will be fortunate to get two bids to the NCAA's.

Then the last couple of off seasons, they've had several players transfer out of the program. How many will they lose this year?

Out of 344 teams, the Utes currently are 338th in both points per game and rebounds. In assists they are 322nd in the nation and 300th place in field goal percentage.

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