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Trish McAleny, Dwight Howard Shut Up Already & Is This The Greatest Song Ever?


Trish McAleny is someone I know of through Facebook. As any regular reader of this blog knows I love music. And there's just something about a woman that can sing. Yes, that's her real name. She has 23 videos on youtube, these are three of my favorites. If you would like to check out her other songs on youtube, just type in fvbyfvslyr.

I "talked" with Trish before randomly posted these videos on my blog. She approved and I think you should give her a listen. Please give Trish a chance. As she's not famous, she has to settle for whatever equipment and personnel she can get. She has to deal with less than stellar engineers, poor sound systems and a lot of crowd noise.

This is her cover of Sarah Buxton's "Space" (I love the sexy tattoo Trish has on her arm):

This is one of Trish's personal favorites of her own performances:

This is a video I picked on my own, I love this song. It looks like she's lip synching on this video so I asked her about it. Trish assured me this is her voice. In this performance you can actually hear her voice, I like how husky her voice is.

This is a bonus video, because I love this song so much. A good cover of one of the greatest songs ever.

Again you can see all of the above, and 19 other videos, on I suggested maybe she could add a couple of songs singing in a quiet room, so we can actually hear her voice. She sings at an open mic night every Wednesday here in Utah. Thanks Trish for allowing me to post this and good luck.

Going from a woman to a baby. I'm tired of the over rated, most insecure professional athlete I've ever seen, Dwight Howard. With the trade deadline only 6 days away, I'm hoping we are about to get a break from listening to his whining. However the drama queen will keep on complaining even after the trade deadline has come and passed. Why because Howard is all about himself. He was even whining about where he would play during the NBA Lockout. Really Dwight that might not be the best time to whine. Again Dwight it's not all about you. Orlando will never win a NBA title with this version of Howard on their team. I know many professional athletes live a very coddled life. But I assure you Dwight you do not have a rough life by any stretch of the imagination. Would a little gratitude hurt?

There have been a lot of rumors about Howard going to the Bulls in a trade. With his constant annoying tweeting, I wonder how many of those rumors Howard has started. I love how Derrick Rose came out and said even he's getting tired of that Howard to Chicago trade talk. Howard also admitted he wanted to be the man wherever he goes. Obviously with Rose in Chicago, Howard wouldn't be the man there. For that very reason Chicago shouldn't trade for him. And if you really are "the man" shouldn't you be shooting better than 49% from the free throw line. And that stat becomes even more important when you realize that Howard shoots almost 11 free throws a game. Even if he just shot 70% from the free throw line, that's two more points each game for the Magic. Those two points almost assuredly would have given the Magic more wins. It would also stop other teams from using the Hack a Howard strategy.

On January 12th, in an attempt by the terrible Golden State Warriors to beat the Magic, they employed the Hack the Howard strategy. Howard was fouled intentionally because he's such a terrible free throw shooter. He went to the line a NBA record 39 times and missed 18 free throws. Golden State's strategy worked fairly well as the Warriors were in the game for most of the night. I have an idea Dwight. Shut the hell up and go shoot free throws. Everytime you want to whine about were you should be playing, go shoot 100 free throws. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you want to be the man, you have to work hard to get there.

I realize that Howard is freakishly athletic. In that same game Howard had 23 rebounds (23!), 4 steals and two blocks. However he lacks the heart of a champion. If you could install Michael Jordan's killer instinct into Howard, how much better would Howard be? He would probably be nearly unstoppable. If Howard wants to be in the same sentence as Jordan, he needs to at least double his effort.

Here's a great article by writer Melissa Isaacson comparing the competitive desires of Howard and Chicago's Derrick Rose. Rose, you know the guy who won the NBA MVP last season. Of course Rose knows about players who are all about themselves as this is the second season that Rose has played with Carlos Boozer. This is Isaacson's excellent and well thought out article:

Here are a few other great videos. Thanks Spotify for giving me the chance to listen to a lot of the "Chess" soundtrack yesterday. I'm really starting to like it. Today I went to to see if they had any good digital music deals. They were selling the recent Lady Antebellum CD for only 25c,  I looked for a catch but couldn't find one. (The Lady Antebellum CD is no longer available at that price.) Obviously that's a good deal. But 25c for the new Coldplay CD that's a much tougher call. Another CD they were selling for a good price is by the Runaways. For $3.99 you can buy "The Mercury Albums Anthology". You'll get 42 songs for that low price. I listened to the complete Runaways Anthology on Spotify today and it's easily worth $3.99.

Most people know The Runaways for having had Lita Ford and Joan Jett in their band. There was also a movie produced about them a couple of years ago. Their most famous song is probably "Cherry Bomb", however I suggest that's only their third best song. I prefer both of the below songs:

"American Nights":

"Queens of Noise":

Again I heard this song while exercising this morning, I was reminded again how great this song is. I must not be the only one who thinks that as it has 42 million youtube hits. This song is almost perfect in every way:

I just recently rediscovered this song and I'm loving it all over again:

And a couple of songs from "Chess". Yes, I know I featured this song yesterday, but it's so amazing. Sadly "I Know Him So Well" only has 12,000 views.

Another song from "Chess" sung by Judy Kuhn and Sissel. This song is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Also heart breaking is it only has 11,000 views. This is "Someone Else's Story":


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