Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sigh Tim Tebow again?, Good Luck Jets, "Hunger Games"


Yesterday, after several hours of delay, Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets. All the nonsense that goes with Tim Tebow has already started. First of all let me say the Jets gave up way too much for Tebow. (I also realized when Peyton Manning was saying nice things about Tebow, at his press conference, that he probably knew that Tebow was on his way out.) Denver was able to add by subtracting Tebow.

The Tebow crap has already started and it's going to happen all season. New York Jets do you have any idea what you have committed yourself to, all for a second string quarterback? Coach Ryan, the owner and GM be prepared to be questioned on just about everything unless Mark Sanchez has an amazing season and leads the Jets to a Super Bowl. By the way Jets fans, both of those things happening is highly unlikely.

The Jets GM, Mike Tannenbaum, says that the starting position is Mark Sanchez's. Tebow says he's just coming in to "compete". Well what happens if the Jets start out 0-3? What will Rex Ryan do even if Sanchez is still healthy? If Ryan feels pressure, or gets desperate, and gives Tebow the start what's going to happen then? How about if the Jets win that game, but Tebow only has a mediocre game, what does Ryan do then? Honestly when Tebow was leading the great Bronco's comebacks, he didn't have amazing statistics.

If the above scenario happens he'll cause even more distractions than he already has. I predict in the above scenario that he would lead the Jets absolutely nowhere. The Broncos had a fortuitous set of breaks to even make the playoffs last year. And please don't give me the Tebow lead the Broncos back to all those fourth quarter wins after being down in the game. First of all a lot of that was due to Broncos quarterbacks being so inept the Broncos hadn't scored a lot of points. Also Denver had a great defense last season. Don't even start me on the stupidity of the Broncos hosting the Steelers in the playoffs, even though Pittsburgh had won 4 more games during the regular season. Also please don't start me on the ridiculous NFL playoff overtime rules. Why a team that plays in a horrendous division and backed into the playoffs gets home field advantage over a much better team makes no sense. Also Pittsburgh played in a much better division.

And to all those blind, misguided Tebow lovers, let me just remind you of the stats from his last game. In that game, against a real quarterback Tom Brady, the Broncos were destroyed 45-10. Tebow was 9 for 26, which means almost two-thirds of his passes were incompletions. He threw for only 136 yards with a qb rating of 52.7. He also had 5 carries for 13 yards. He was below mediocre on all his stats. He accomplished this against the NFL's 31st rated defense. That means the Patriots were the second to last worst defensive team in the NFL. Yeah I would give up a 4th round pick and throw in $2.5 million for Tebow. Not! Denver signing Peyton Manning and dumping Tebow while getting something back was a great move by John Elway. Denver really came out well in this deal.

Tannenbaum has said that Tebow will be the back up quarterback. Drew Stanton, who had just signed to be the Jets backup quarterback last week, now says he wants to be released. Look at all the drama Tebow has already caused and he only has been a Jet for one day.

Also will someone please slap the idiot who came up with Timsanity.

Other sports news: The Sweet Sixteen kicks off tonight. I have to admit I don't have a lot of excitement about tonight's match ups. None of tonight's games have anything interesting for me. Tomorrow night's games looks to be much more interesting as I'll be cheering for the Tar Heels. It would also be awesome if Kentucky and Kansas could lose as well.

The Knicks have won 5 games in a row. This whole story reminds me a lot of the Tebow fiasco. Making something that's mediocre seem to be so great. Even though the Knicks have won 5 games in a row, they still only have a 23-24 record. That puts them solidly in the Eastern Conference's 8th seed, which means they would get trampled by the 1st seeded Bulls if the playoffs were to start today.

Early reviews are in for "The Hunger Games" movie, so far they've all been good. If I can find an open seat I'm going to see this movie tomorrow. I've read that the makers of the movie haven't messed very much with Suzanne Collins excellent story, thank goodness. Collins wrote that first book with so much skill and thought. She was able to tie so many different story lines in the book in a logical way.

Before I get to some great songs, just a brief thought. This morning I spent a few minutes changing out the CDs in my car stereo. The CD's I had in there had became a bit stale. So I exchanged them with ZZ Top's Greatest Hits and old school Van Hagar. While listening to ZZ Top's Greatest Hits I really wanted to listen to "Stages", one of my top two or three favorite songs of theirs. It's not even on their Greatest Hits. However "Stages" will be on my blog today.

Thanks to my brother's recommendation I heard about a great band, Foxy Shazam. Thanks to Spotify I was able to listen to all their music free. That includes their excellent cover of "Heaven On Their Minds" from the "Jesus Christ Superstar" soundtrack.

No this isn't Paramore, but it does sound a lot like them. The female lead singer is even red headed like Paramore's Hayley Williams. This is actually a band named Damone, according to Damone hasn't been active since 2008.  The song is called "Out Here All Night":

Journey's "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'", sung by the best Journey singer, Mr. Steve Perry.

The great Waylon Jennings and "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?":

Elefant's "Uh Oh Hello":

Bush's "Machinehead":


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