Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peyton Please Go To Denver, RG3 and Sting.


Peyton Manning was in Denver yesterday visiting with John Elway and others in the Broncos front office. Oh I'm so hoping that Manning signs with the Broncos, that would be so awesome. The Broncos would be so much more relevant. That's not something I really want. But it would also squash the Tim Tebow hysteria. Is anyone surprised that Elway doesn't consider Tebow to be the quarterbacking answer in Denver? The limited success that Tebow had last year was a fluke and it won't be repeated this season.

That being said if I were the Broncos I would still keep him as the #2 or #3 quarterback. One, he could always come in and run four or five wildcat plays a game. Two, who knows how healthy Peyton is? It sounds like Manning still has good velocity on his passes. However that's irrelevant if he's not 100% near his prime. Even if he's near 100% of his prime, who knows how durable he'll be? I'm sure the Broncos medical staff is doing their due diligence on Peyton, but I don't think anyone will know how good Peyton will be this season until he actually plays. If I was the Broncos and I had my choice, I would want Tebow at the #3 spot as quarterback.

Will someone please make sure this happens?

So far my offseason biggest question is about the Washington Redskins trading 3 first round picks and a second round pick so they can get this draft's #2 pick. Many people are speculating that they will draft Robert Griffin the Third (RG3). That move makes no sense to me. Griffin has been a dynamic college quarterback and I'm sure he'll maintain similar abilities in the NFL. But really 3 #1 picks and a #2 for him? I'm sure Washington is thinking that they'll be so good with RG3 that their future draft picks will be in the higher teens or lower 20s. However that's still a lot to give up for someone who wasn't even on the Heisman radar until late into last season.

But that's Washington, they are known for making terrible personnel moves. As a Cowboys fan, also not known for their great personnel moves, I'm fine with the Redskins remaining a terrible team.

It doesn't sound like things are going well for the new movie "John Carter". Some people are comparing it to the colossal flop "Ishtar". Is anyone surprised by this though? Didn't anyone see the previews? The previews make the movie look terrible. (Of course so did the previews for "Thor". But "Thor's" previews were hiding the very cool Frost Giants off screen.) I'm not sure why but I've always been bothered by Taylor Kitsch. I loved "Friday Night Lights" but I hated the character Kitsch played. I think that's more due to Kitsch than the actual character. It seems like Kitsch has a tendency to overact.

However I did watch a very enjoyable show last night, "Just Go With It". Okay it's never going to win an award or anything. But any movie that has two of the most gorgeous women in the world can't be all bad. Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker in the same movie is good enough for me. I can't help watching Adam Sandler though and wonder how did this schlub become such a big star? But this was an enjoyable show.

In the above movie there was a lot of Police music, which for some reason worked pretty well. Speaking of the Police, the discount MP3 CD today at was Sting's "The Best of 25 Years". If you don't know Sting was the lead singer of the Police. Anyway thinking about his music made me realize how much great music there is out in the world. Sting had some amazing songs with the Police and as a solo artist. I'm going to include some of his highlights here.

This is the first song I think of when I think of The Police. I have to admit it took awhile for this song to grow on me. "Wrapped Around Your Finger":

"If I Ever Lose My Faith In You":

"We'll Be Together Tonight"

An interesting mix of this classic song from the 80's:

The below song has started to become my favorite Smiths' song. After looking for "Rank" for a very long time I was actually able to track down the mid 80's live CD the Smiths released. I found it on Spotify. It wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, however this was the last song they sang on that CD. In the Earl's Court version Morrissey updates the lyric from a walkman to an iPod in the line "the Walkman started to melt". Below is the best version of "Big Mouth Strikes Again" that I've ever heard, Morrissey just sings this song with so much conviction:

See how much more powerful he sang this song than he did in 1986:


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