Friday, March 16, 2012

NCAA Tourney Early Thoughts: Go Murray State, The Twin Black Holes of the Knicks


I spent several hours watching NCAA basketball and as always there has been a lot of excitement. I'm not surprised BYU got worked by a superior, much more talented Marquette team. Actually I was excited they were able to cut Marquette's lead to 10 with only a couple of minutes left in the game. BYU seems to have a bright future with 3 freshman playing significant minutes. I quite enjoyed the more team first approach this season, than relying on one superstar player.

However besides North Carolina and BYU, I've picked my team of the NCAA Tourney. I'm cheering for the Murray State Racers. The Racers feature the player with the coolest name in the tournament, Isaiah Caanan. It's pronounced cannon. Murray State now has a 31-1 record, next they play the same Marquette team that vanquished BYU. That game will be tomorrow afternoon. I hope I'm able to watch it.

This morning I watched most of one of the ugliest games in NCAA Tourney history. That Cincinnati-Texas game was one for the books in ugliness. From the Longhorns anemic offensive performance in the first 12 to 15 minutes of the first half to their 35% shooting in the game. Thank goodness Cincinnati won so we don't have to see The Big Pasty anymore. That would be Texas' Clint Chapman. I hope he got a good degree because he won't be playing in the NBA next season.

Unfortunately what could have been the game of the Tournament was ruined by either dishonest and terrible officials. That was the UNC-Asheville-Syracuse game. There were at least 3 egregious calls that went against UNC-Asheville. Syracuse goal tended the ball that wasn't caught by the officials. A Syracuse inbounds pass went off a Syracuse player, yet Syracuse was given the ball back. Then the worst example of what the hell where the officials looking at was a lane violation called against UNC-Asheville. Not only was it not a lane violation, but why would you call such a ticky tack play so late in such a close game. The Syracuse player who missed the first free throw in a one-on-one attempt, calmly went to the line and then hit two free throws.

I don't think the officials are corrupt, but they did make three terrible calls. Either corrupt or incompetent it doesn't matter. Those three officials shouldn't ever work a NCAA Tournament game again.

But my favorite basketball related move of the week is the Knicks. I love how well Linsanity worked. Unfortunately that didn't involve Carmelo Anthony or A'mare Stoudemire enough. So even though the Knicks were successful during Linsanity, especially with Anthony out injured, Mike D'Antoni still felt pressure to resign. So what are the Knicks going to do now? They are going to run their offense through their two black Holes, Stoudemire and Anthony. I'm going to love to see how this experiment will work. I'm guessing about as well as Dr. Frankenstein's experiments turned out.

The Knicks are 19-24 overall and have only won 3 of their last 10 games. If the playoffs started today, the Knicks wouldn't be in them. They've completely fallen apart since Anthony came back from injury. Yet they are going to run their offense through him now? New Coach Mike Woodson uses a lot of isolation plays. These plays are also known as the other 4 guys stand around doing nothing. Yes I do realize the Knicks won their first game in the Mike Woodson era. The Knicks protected their home court against the Blazers in their 42 point victory. Knicks fans don't get too excited though. Following that game the Trailblazers fired their head coach.

It will be interesting to see how bad the Knicks will lose their two upcoming games against the Pacers.

Great songs:

I love this great version of "Mother" on Roger Waters "In The Flesh" CD.

"What Shall We Do" was a song that was suppose to originally be on "The Wall" but was omitted due to the length of the main form of music at the time, vinyl. "Empty Spaces" was put in it's place instead. It segues right into "Young Lust". It's too bad of the vinyl limitations it feels much more natural for "What Shall We Do" to segue into "Young Lust".

"What Shall We Do" (this video only has 292 page views):

"Young Lust":

I watched the end of the St. Bonaventure- Florida St. game. I was cheering for the underdog, the team with the wussiest name in the field, the Bonnies. Sadly even though St. Bonaventure has a 43-37 lead at one point, they weren't able to hold on. Florida State's athleticism took over and the Bonnie's shots stopped falling. It remained a tight contest down to the end, thanks to the lights out three point shooting of Demetrius Conger. He only hit two three pointers all game, but he hit them when the Bonnies needed them the most. FSU left with a hard fought, but well deserved, 66-63 victory. In this game there were no egregiously bad calls, especially that benefitted the favored team.

Then Georgetown was just too much for Belmont 74-59. North Carolina was able to knock out Vermont without too much trouble. A bit later the big upset that all fans of Cinderella was looking for happened. #15 Norfolk State, that would be the Spartans for the majority of those that don't know, knocked out #2 Missouri 86-84. That's one of the highest point totals of any #15 seed ever. Norfolk State will next play #7 seeded Florida, a matchup that will occur Sunday.

Now if only #15 Lehigh could knock off #2 Duke and all their pasties that would make my night.


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