Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Lessons learned from "Smash", Carrie Underwood, Why won't Youtube let me post videos?


Here are some of the life lessons that were learned last night from the excellent show "Smash".

1) Don't smoke marijuana in a public place, let alone Central Park. But if you make sure you have rich friends that can get you out.

2) Don't make out with someone that isn't your spouse, especially in front of your own home. Oh Julia how dumb are you? You were so right when you were resisting Michael's obvious flirtation. I'm usually disappointed when characters make bad choices, especially bad moral choices. Again it's even worse they do it front of their own home. It will be interesting to see how Leo plays his Mom's indiscretion to his own advantage.

3) Don't play with fire metaphorically. Tom warned Julia and she tried to listen and follow. Michael finally wore her down with "A Song For You". Really of all the millions of love songs ever in the world, that's the one he chose. Really he wouldn't sing "I Can't Fight This Feeling" or Air Supply's "Here I Am" or a million others? In reality, that was probably the song that "Smash" could procure the rights too.

4) Katharine McPhee, Karen Cartwright, is a big time hottie. I'm guessing when she first auditioned for "American Idol" all those years ago, she never imagined that she would be stripping on broadcast TV. McPhee is a spectacularly gorgeous woman. Although I thought it was a great scene when Karen Cartwright used her sexuality, but later regretted it. She felt a bit like Marilyn Monroe after doing so.

For the record I think Miss McPhee should stay a brunette. This is Katharine McPhee's version of "Brand New Key":

Last night's episode of "Smash" was okay. Although is anyone caring whether Dev becomes the new press secretary? Is anyone else getting tired of the Jerry-Elaine battle? That's a storyline that needs to get much more interesting or going away.

Speaking of incredibly sexy former "American Idol" contestants, have you seen the hot new cover of the new Carrie Underwood CD? The name of the CD is "Blown Away" and it will be released on May 1st. The picture is so hot that I needed to have it on my blog twice. Enjoy:

"American Idol" has now turned into a self parody and is a shadow of it's former self. However I will always be thankful for all the amazing people this show has brought to my attention. Not only the two mentioned above, but also Kelly Clarkson, Megan Joy, Daughtry, David Cook, Jordin Sparks, Crystal Bowersox, Haley Reinhart and so many others. In a spirit of good feeling I won't mention all the lame-0s that it would have been better if they remained in obscurity.

Today the Colts announced that they will be parting ways with Peyton Manning. That makes today a bittersweet day in the NFL. After 14 years with the Colts Peyton will probably be playing football for another team next year, I'm being positive in hopes he will still play. It seems like Peyton is truly a class individual and has represented his team, the NFL and his family appropriately. As a Cowboys fan I'd love to see him end up in Dallas. I don't know how many chances Jerry Jones is going to give to Tony Romo to be the man. But he has been given more than enough to show that he'll never do it. He hasn't done it yet, so why does anyone think he can do it now? Just a couple of relevant numbers. Peyton has as many Super Bowl rings as Tony Romo has playoff wins: 1. Manning has 4 times as many MVP awards as Romo has playoff wins.

Don't worry Jerry Jones I don't really expect you to make this move, or to attempt to sign pass rusher Mario Williams. As usual you prefer to maintain the status quo in an attempt to show how great your previous moves have been. Sarcasm alert: For instance, the brilliant signing of Wade Phillips. Almost everyone can see how bad your moves are, except for you. How many allies and yes men do you have remaining Jerry? I do realize you are the owner and you can do anything you want, but it seems you would want your team to win. Jerry, I know you are amazing at making money. But people will only remember you for how many Super Bowl titless your team won. Yes, the Cowboys have won 3 Super Bowls with you as owner. But as this team continues to miss the playoffs year after year, those 3 titles show more about the genius of Jimmy Johnson, not Jerry Jones. And after making the playoffs only once in the last 4 years, look for the tarnish to continue to come off of the Cowboys star.

Sorry I didn't mean to turn this into an anti Jerry Jones rant. I'm just so tired of all his terrible moves and yet he still continues to make personnel decisions.

I just want to wish Peyton Manning the best of luck in his future career. I hope he has a few more good years left in the NFL. I also hope that he can return close to the level of play that has made him such a legend. He's a guaranteed Hall of Famer and there would be no shame if he chooses to retire now. Do not retire Peyton and please remain in the AFC. Dallas already has enough challenges without facing Peyton Manning more. Whatever you do Peyton please don't go to the Redskins. That would make two winnable games for the Cowboys, much less winnable.

And after mocking the Pirates for their horrendous trade for the terrible AJ Burnett, I feel I need to give them love for signing Andrew McCutchen to an extension. If the Pirates are going to challenge for the NL Central title, McCutchen is going to need to be the man. He had a solid year last year, but needs to continue to improve even more over the next few seasons. I'm so excited the baseball season is right around the corner.

Finally here are some great songs:

I listened to a lot of Disturbed on Spotify yesterday, they are a pretty good band. I like many of their original songs, although they have become too reliant on creating "Down With The Sickness" over and over again. That's an amazing song, but I wish they would try to stop creating the sound from that song. But the true revelation with Disturbed's music is the covers they chose to do. I love both their covers of Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight" and Genesis' "Land of Confusion". Here they are finally:

"Living After Midnight":

"Land Of Confusion":

"Rebellion (Lies)"- Arcade Fire (If you haven't figured it out yet I love Arcade Fire.)

"Wild Horses" a very cool cover of the Rolling Stones classic sung by Haley Reinhart. Apparantly the guitarist with all the hair is someone famous :)

"You and The Blues"- Van Halen Although Van Halen's new CD isn't the greatest CD ever, I do love the rock kick of this song.

"Don't Shoot Shotgun"- Def Leppard A great song to workout to. The following video is from Def Leppard when they were at their peak. It sounded like Joe had some issues with singing that night.

"Bullet In My Hand"- Redlight King This is taken from one of the best CDs of this year.

"I Know What I Am"- Band of Skulls My new favorite band of 2012.

"One Night In Bangkok"- Murray Head. An all-time classic.

Rammstein's "Du Hast":

I figured out what the problem was in posting videos. It had nothing to do with, it had to do with my computer. I reset Safari and that solved the problem.


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