Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"The Good WIfe" Continues To Be Great, "The Wall Again", Good Bye "Terra Nova" I won't miss you.....much.


Two things I want to add to the information from yesterday's blog about Pink Floyd's "The Wall". First, if you bought the The Deluxe Experience Edition of "The Wall" from iTunes, it comes with all the cool things I mentioned yesterday. It also comes with a 50 minute documentary about the making of "The Wall". I haven't watched the 50 minute documentary yet. I've added it to the list of things I would like to do someday, but probably never will. It would be fascinating to get a peek into the mindset of Pink Floyd as they were making this classic CD.

This wouldn't be a bad purchase, especially you don't already have "The Wall" in your collection. For only $30 dollars you get this classic CD remastered plus a bunch of extra tracks and the documentary. The 8 live songs on the Deluxe Experience Edition have a crisp, fantastic sound. The crispness of these live tracks even sound great on my Mac laptop. Imagine how good it would sound on some high end audio equipment.

Speaking of their mindset during the making of this CD I picked up a very cool book from the library. If you would like to explore Pink Floyd's overall mindset as well as their creative process and their alienation while recording this CD I suggest you pick up the book "echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd" by Glenn Povey. It has information about everything Pink Floyd. It's about all their music, concert dates and the details behind making each of their CDs. It's a fairly complete picture of Pink Floyd up to 2006. It's also a relatively big book with a bunch of full color pictures. This includes great full colored pictures of "The Wall" stage set. I'm surprised how thorough this book is. If you are a huge Pink Floyd fan, and haven't bought this book, I suggest you do so soon.

I would also love to see "The Wall" movie and see Roger Waters performing "The Wall" live in concert in 2012. So far the closest date announced to where I live is in Denver. Unfortunately that's a bit out of my price range. Come on Roger Waters, you know you want to bring "The Wall" to Salt Lake, I bet you could sell out the Energy Solutions Arena. Or it would make a cool stadium show at Rice-Eccles Stadium. (You know the home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies.)

There are about six shows that I watch on TV each week. They seem to all be shoved in over the two days of Sunday and Monday. On Sunday there's "The Walking Dead" and "The Good Wife". And on Monday there's "Smash", "Alcatraz" and "Castle". So due to having things to do and a job sometimes it takes me a few days to catch up on all my shows. Sunday I watched "The Walking Dead", last night I watched "The Good Wife" and tonight I'm going to try and watch "Smash".

Last night's episode of "The Good Wife" was hilarious. With Will out on his 6 month suspension, the sharks are circling his empty office. They smell blood in the water and are wanting to become a named partner in Lockhart-Gardner. David Lee's blatant attempt to show how "unselfish" he is in wanting to assume Will's vacant office is hilarious. I love how Diane pointed out to him that he doesn't like people. Speaking of David Lee, I also loved how Alicia promptly dismissed him from her divorce case when she found out he had been talking about her behind her back.

I also loved Will's zany sisters and their attempts to help Will with his life. His being a named partner in a very successful law firm doesn't seem to impress his sisters all that much. He seems to never be able to live up to their expectations. However I especially love their attempt to line him up with Kalinda. There are so many ways that story could go, with so much humor and heartbreak possible. Honestly though I'm waiting for Will and Caitlyn to get together.

But the funniest scenes came from the court case about the documentarian who had filmed a suicide and was being sued for that. Obviously that part wasn't funny though. However I loved what Alicia Florrick did to counteract the judges fascination with her blonde opposing counsel. Once Alicia figured this out, she recruited Caitlyn to be her co-counsel. Caitlyn's attractiveness and her shrewdness were enough of a help to win the case for Lockhart-Gardner.

However the unintended consequences seem to put Caitlyn on a fast track while Alicia has seemed to take a bit of a step back.

I love how clever and funny "The Good Wife". I keep on hoping Season One of "The Good Wife" will show up at my local library soon, so I can catch up on many of the things I'm sure I'm missing out on.

I also continue enjoying "A Gifted Man", although it doesn't seem like it will be around for a second season. In my opinion that's too bad, this show has untapped potential. I continue to really enjoy "Blue Bloods". Tom Selleck continues to be one of the coolest guys on television and he knows how to rock a mustache. I love this show's combination of grit, humanity, emotional story lines and family values. I always have a poignant feeling watching this show. Don't miss with the Reagans for sure.

Although I wonder if this show has one too many Reagans. The producers don't seem to know what to do with Jamie. He's been involved with two undercover investigations now, neither of which have been particularly interesting. The Blue Templar story line was a very boring story line that hurt Season One. Then in the last episode the case about him infiltrating the mob had a sudden conclusion. It's almost like the producers realized they had this story line hanging around, they didn't know what to do with it and just wanted to end it quickly. They need to find something for him to do in the show or have him go somewhere else.

To no one's surprise the mega expensive "Terra Nova" has been cancelled. While the show had some potential and it was cool seeing dinosaurs on broadcast TV, I don't think anyone is going to miss it that much. It seems like the show should have been more exciting, it kind of left me feeling cold. Also the special effects could have been better, although they were nowhere near as cheap as "The Power Rangers". As for the characters they were all over the place. They seemed to be either enjoyable and fun or whiny and obnoxious. The whiny and obnoxious award goes to the two main protagonist's sons. There didn't seem to be any middle ground for the characters.

I also look forward for the almost two year long wait for "Mad Men" to end. I can't wait to see what Don Draper and Betty Francis are now up to. Did Don ever marry his secretary, or was that just a brief Draperish flame? What's going to happen with the firm? And I plan on watching at least the first couple of episodes of "The Killing". Not because I think it's going to be great, but because of the car crash element. I also want to see if they break last year's record for most rain in a season of a show. I don't care how bad "The Killing" will be, and trust me it will, I just hope it's crappy stink stays off the greatness of "Mad Men".

I continue rapidly reading through "The Hunger Games" trilogy. Right now I'm close to 20% through "Mockingjay". I seriously am loving this trilogy. Suzanne Collins should be commended for how clever these novels are. From the arena being shaped as a clock, to how she weaves the characters into the story in multiple ways and to the realness of Katniss. She's a character that I both identify with and root for a lot. I'm anxious to see how Jennifer Lawrence plays her in the upcoming movie. From the previews though it looks like she does a fantastic job though. But what I really want to know who's going to play Buttercup :)

Here's some good music. Since my blog has been around for 3.5 years it has earned some notice from other media sources. I get a few requests to review music for various companies a few times a month. A lot of times I don't even listen to the music and when I do many times it's not that good. However sometimes the music is good enough that I want to write about it. (Note to people who want their music reviewed by me. Again if you want me to review your music, either send me the music via a CD or digital format so that I can listen to it on iTunes. I don't want to have to go to a site to listen to it. And especially if it's good music I would like to keep it so I can enjoy it for the next several years. Who knows it may come to my attention again and I may write about it somewhere down the road. Of course there are no guarantees I will write about or commend this music.)

When I find something I like I pass it on to you. This is The Bleed Electric, they have a 6 song set available at http://hangout.altsounds.com/features/144356-listen-bleed-electric-invasion-full-stream-exclusive.html. All 6 songs are free and available to download right now. My two favorite tracks are "Cherry Bomb" although it does become a bit repetitious. I also enjoyed the song "8 Years Late For Dinner":

I also continue to enjoy the comparison and contrasts between "The Wall" tracks from the work in progress tracks to the final version. Here's an example of how much a song can change over time. Listen to how mellow this version is, also the lyrics seem to be different. This is the work in progress version of "Young Lust":

Meanwhile the final version is rocking a lot more, a more go for the throat song. The finished version is almost exactly one minute less in length. The hard driving butt kicking rock version fits so much better into the paranoid world of "The Wall". Here's "Young Lust" from the movie:


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