Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dodgers New Ownership (Probably), Dallas Cowboys, Van Hagar's "OU812"Crunch


Great news came yesterday for all Dodgers fans, Frank McCourt is finally on his way out as the Dodgers owner. Although it seems McCourt will be still holding on to a small part of the business. He'll own half share of the Dodgers Stadium parking lots. (I'd think that McCourt would most want to sell the parking lots. Due to the McCourt's strained financial situation last year, he chose to cut money from the security budget. On opening day a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten so badly that he was in a coma for a few months.)

If McCourt still owns a minor share, that's okay, just as long as his drama and financial limitations don't plague the Dodgers anymore. Although I'm not a Lakers fan, Magic Johnson has always been a winner. He did win 5 NBA Championships with the Lakers, and he was a vital piece to those teams. For me the enduring image of Magic during his NBA run is him with an incredulous look on his face, his arms splayed palms forward as he stares down a ref. He's not the first or last player to think he never committed a foul. Johnson also has shown himself to be a charismatic presence and has had much business success. Reading back what I just wrote, he's the anti-McCourt.

The Dodgers are also bringing in long time baseball executive Stan Kasten. The real money behind the deal is Mark Walter. He's CEO of the financial services firm Guggenheim Partners. The Dodgers were sold for the mind boggling number of 2.15 billion dollars. Some economists are saying the deal "makes no sense". This deal is almost assuredly going to happen, but this is just the first step to the ownership transition process. Another big step is the deal has to receive approval from the Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Now with some real money finally behind the Dodgers, I expect them to surround Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp with other great players. Kemp and Kershaw will be the Dodgers foundation as this team starts to build itself back to relevancy. The fact that Don Mattingly led last year's injury plagued team to a record above .500 is amazing. That should give him room to grow this team. The Dodgers haven't won the World Series since 1988 and it's about time they win another one or two. (Thanks to

I can wear my Dodgers hat with a sense of pride again. Even if they don't win immediately it seems they are at least finally on the right path.

From a team moving in the right direction to a team going the wrong way, I know when Dallas will lose their 2012 undefeated season. The Cowboys open the upcoming season against the defending Super Bowl winning Giants on September 5th. (I still can't believe that Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have won two Super Bowls.) Not only is the game in New York, the Cowboys have forgotten how to beat the Giants and Tony Romo is still their quarterback. Also the Cowboys choke when they are in front of a nationwide audience. At the end of September 5th the Cowboys will be 0-1. Jerry Jones will be still be surprised that the team he's running into the ground will have lost.

One more NFL note. I love the NFL, they eventually make their way to the right decision. However it usually takes them a few steps. The owners voted for the same overtime rules to be used in the regular season as in the postseason. I'm not sure why they didn't start out that way. The NFL owners are now halfway to making the right decision about overtime. The NFL's overtime rules still remain ludicrous.

The officials flip a coin and whoever wins the flip gets to pick if they get the ball first or second. Well duh, of course the coin flip winner will always choose to take the ball first. Especially under the old rules when if you score you win the game. The other team didn't even get a chance to equal or tie the game. (Perhaps one of the dumbest rules ever, putting too much on luck to decide a game.) Now the rule has been changed to if you only score a field goal, the other team gets a chance to equal or tie the score. That is unless the first team scores a touchdown and then it's game over. This was seen in the Broncos overtime win against Pittsburgh in the playoffs last year.

Eventually the NFL will get to the point where both teams will get a chance in overtime for possession no matter what the team getting the ball first does.

Currently I'm rocking out to Van Halen's "OU812" as my driving music. They have 4 great songs in a row. This is the 4 songs in a row, listened to with a lot of volume of course.

"When It's Love":

"Finish What Ya Started":

"Black and Blue":

"Sucker In A 3 Piece":


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