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BYU-Iona, "Chemistry", NFL and NBA moves


I feel I need to post this disclaimer every once in a while. Since I'm not a major blogger, I don't have sources. I get most of my information from many websites. For instance, I get most of my sports news from So my news usually comes from them. I post the information so you'll understand exactly what my commentary is about.

I'm a big BYU fan but I didn't watch their whole game last night. However I kept an eye on their game against Iona last night. I was unsure of BYU's chances so I didn't watch the game straight through. I did watch the first few minutes though. Both teams were running up and down the court without virtually playing any defense. I stopped watching the game when Iona went up 18-10. I wasn't sure what to think at that point, but things weren't looking good for BYU. I then watched "Smash" On Demand.

"Smash" ended right before the end of the first half of BYU's game. When I saw the halftime score I was glad that I hadn't watched much of the game. At that point BYU was being run over, they had trailed by as many as 25 points. BYU was able to cut the deficit to 15 points by the end of the first half. I then went into my room and kept an eye on and the score. I wasn't going to commit myself to watching the game unless BYU had a chance at victory. When BYU was only down by 4 points with 8 minutes left I went and watched the end of the game. I was glad I did, BYU was able to complete their historic victory and advance in the NCAA Tourney.

BYU is now the owner of the biggest comeback in NCAA Tournament history. The same reason BYU was able to come back is the same reason they trailed by up to 25 points. There was almost no defense played by either team, especially in the first half.  I'm so glad for BYU's victory, but that will be BYU's Tourney highlight. Unfortunately BYU won't be like VCU last year. Remember VCU went from the First Four to the Final Four last season. That's truly an incredible run. On Thursday afternoon BYU runs into a very tough Marquette team. I'm hoping BYU keeps it close. Well at least it was fun while it lasted.

Watching that game reminded me again why I love March Madness so much, this is definitely the best sports time of the year. I loved that the announcing crew was Jim Nantz, Steve Kerr and Clark Kellog. How did the First Four get such a high quality announcing crew?

Random sports thoughts. First of all here's a great article from about the recent struggles of the New York Knicks after a brief bit of Linsanity. Although this article is ostensibly about Coach Mike D'Antoni's losing the locker room, notice who Chris Broussard points to as the villain in this mess. Also notice that the Knicks struggles resumed the exact same night Anthony came back. Again I have no idea why the selfish Carmelo Anthony is so loved by many national pundits. This is Broussard's article:

(Update, via yahoo sports, is reporting that Coach D'Antoni has resigned as head coach of the New York Knicks. I have a feeling the next coach will be installing a defense more suited to Anthony's "abilities". I hate the NBA's divas.)

Anthony is denying he said he wants to be traded. I don't care how good many people think Carmelo Anthony is, please keep that cancer off the Jazz. Speaking of prima donnas and divas Dwight Howard just can't shut up about where he wants to play. He'll do anything to get his name in the news. It's very pathetic how desperate he is for attention. Now he says that he wants to stay in Orlando for the rest of the season. What is he trying to do, alienate everybody? Again instead of whining about where he wants to play he needs to practice shooting free throws. While he had a monster game last night, Howard only made 6 of 18 free throws last night. I don't understand how one makes it to the pros and is only a career 50% free throw shooter. Oh yeah, laziness. Also there are now rumors circulating that Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard might be packaged in a deal for each other. Another deal that makes no sense to me. Why would you trade away your cancer for someone else's cancer?

Another rumor is that the Bulls are trying to trade for Pau Gasol, but the Lakers aren't interested in the players that would be coming back. That includes the non jumping, injury prone, salary cap damaging malcontent Carlos Boozer. That makes me laugh and clearly is Chicago's way of admitting they made a mistake in signing Boozer.

Finally I loved the Warriors-Bucks trade yesterday. The two main pieces of the trade were Monta Ellis and Andrew Bogut. The only thing that trade did is ensure that both teams will remain mediocre or worse for the foreseeable future. That's the kind of trade a team makes when they just want to look like they are trying to do something. I'm sure both sides have numbers backing up their corporate America approach.

While my NFL offseason focus has been mostly concentrated on the Cowboys and 49ers, my other team is demanding some attention. The Tampa Bay Bucaneers have signed 3 significant free agents in the first two days of free agency. After having a disappointing season last year, the Bucs want to return to playoff contention. Of course it helps that they had a lot of room under the salary cap. Yesterday the Bucs signed tight end Vincent Jackson to a 5 year-$55 million deal. This morning it was announced that they also have signed guard Carl Nicks and cornerback Eric Wright.

Moves that look like they want to stretch the field a bit more this season. Although that's not what you usually do when acquiring a tight end. Although having guard Carl Nicks should give Josh Freeman that much more time to hit the open receiver. It seems the Cowboys are on a downswing and the 49ers and Bucs are on their way up.

I enjoyed watching the episode of "Smash" last night entitled "Chemistry". I know this will come off as preachy, but I hate when two characters commit adultery. Especially two characters that I really like. I'm really disappointed in Julia's choice. The funniest line of the night, although unintentional, is when Michael told Julia that "No one has to know". How deluded is that? And does either Michael or Julia really believe that. They gave into their passion and desire and now the consequences they'll pay will probably be heavy. I hope it was worth it- too bad it rarely is.

Ivy has finally figured out that Derek is more concerned about her as a performer than a person. How will Ivy's justified outburst affect the play? It seems there's going to be some major drama ahead with the uncertainty of how the affair and the outburst will affect the play. Things will be intense with the workshop coming at everyone quickly.

Karen is in the right place at the right time. A big time music mogul, Bobby Raskin, was there when Karen sang at that bar mitzvah. With the possibility of the role of Marilyn Monroe being hung in front of Karen, which might be her big break? Then with Uma Thurman joining the show for a 5 episode arc, how will that affect the show? It seems Uma Thurman's character will be a movie star who wants the role of Marilyn Monroe all to herself.

I don't listen to the radio a lot and so I miss out on a lot of new music. But I honestly have never heard of the final song she sang at the bar mitzvah. "Shake It Out" is a pretty cool song though, although I have to admit I thought she would be singing "Twist and Shout" when she said "Shake It Out". It's a song by Florence + The Machine. I had listened to that song a few times on Spotify, but it seems that it didn't make much of an impression on me.

This is the lovely Miss McPhee's version:

Also will someone please assassinate Ellis? He's this show's Pete Campbell. Annoying as hell but it seems needed to drive the story forward.

I'm suppose to be getting "The Wall" movie in the mail today from Netflix. I'm looking forward to watching it. A review will be forthcoming. Speaking of "The Wall", "Mother" is just one of the many great songs from it:

Other great songs. From the Runaways to Joan Jett and the Blackearts. This is "Bad Reputation":

Another great song, thanks Tommy James, from Joan Jett:

One more from Liz Phair off her self-titled CD, this is "Take A Look". I'm not sure how this combination of a great song and attractive women only has 1,661 views.

The Cab's "Animal":

One more video. Do you realize how many great songs Band of Skulls has? Have you noticed how much different the sound is from their first CD to their second CD? "Patterns" is one of their more obscure songs, yet it's also an amazing song. Enjoy!


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