Friday, February 10, 2012

Why is no one helping Cody Lane?

Im not going to go as far as i want to with this post because truth be told i have no fucking idea what Cody Lanes situation is. All i know is that she bounces in and out of jail due to drugs.

Cody is a young attractive girl with her whole life in front of her, i can't understand why no one is taking the time to help her get off what ever it is she needs to get off (no puns intended)

Cody is apparently living in kentucky right now so i say this with great passion, can someone please go and help her kick whatever shit she needs to kick and get her back to being a young, happy, healthy carla rushing. I would love to see her turn things around before we all end up reading one more horror story of how the porn industry single handedly destroyed another young woman. When will the general public or media realise its a cocktail of things that make any person end up in these situations and not just there career choice.

I sincerely hope she gets her shit together again.

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