Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Smash", "The Walking Dead", "The Hunger Games"


I'm really enjoying the new Katherine McPhee show "Smash". The show follows the backstage drama of producing a Broadway play about the life of Marilyn Monroe. Karen Cartwright, who is played by Katherine McPhee, lost the role of Marilyn to the other girl. But I have a feeling it won't stay that way for long. I like the arrangements of the songs that Katherine McPhee has sung in the show so far.

This is the first we saw of the lovely miss Katherine McPhee:

One of her highlights from Season 5, she really lost to what's his name? Whatever happened to him and his soul patrol.

I love her voice and the arrangement of this Christina Aguilera classic:

I also like the start of episode 2 of "Smash" when the lovely Miss McPhee sings this Blondie classic:

Oh and by the way when the "Smash" soundtrack is released I'll be buying it.

Speaking of TV shows, what did everyone think about the second half debut of "The Walking Dead"? While the survivors are still on the most boring farm in the history of the world, thankfully this episode had a pulse. Lori is still making the dumbest decisions known to mankind. She has rarely been useful, was going to go into town to help her husband and Glenn, why? She ran into one of those convenient zombies causing her car to crash. (The same convenient zombies that left Hershel alone when he was in the bar for hours on end.) That obviously is setting up so she can miscarriage the mystery baby. The baby is either Ricks or Shanes, but did anyone care?

Wouldn't it be great if the lame character of Lori died, wow is that a boring character. The alleged actress portraying her is also awful. In addition can we get rid of Dale and T-Dawg, two more very boring characters. Dale is the Carmelo Anthony of "The Walking Dead". Whenever the focus is on him, all action stops. Both are the black holes of their respective enterprises.

But thankfully there was finally some action in this show. Of course they had to leave Hershel's farm to find it. Just who were the two hooligans they ran into in the bar last week? Were they two loners or did they really represent a larger contingent of other survivors? What is their purpose? And why is it that they wouldn't want to work with Rick and his people. Finally wasn't it nice to see Rick actually kick some butt? I was also glad to see this episode get away from all the boring speeches. The horrid dialogue they make these characters learn has been painful.

I've started reading "The Hunger Games" twice, both time I had to stop out of sheer boredom. However I saw this very cool trailer for it:

I started reading, actually continued reading, where I had last stopped. From the way the trailer is set up I knew there was excitement coming. So I continued reading, indeed the third time is the charm. It's good to see something might live up to it's source material. (Unlike a certain zombie show on AMC Sunday nights.)

I love this song and the way that Alicia Keys sings it:


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