Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Lite Blog


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I'm so sick of all the Super Bowl coverage. About 2/3rds of Sports Center's coverage is about the Super Bowl. Honestly who cares what Vince Wilfork, Tom Brady and Eli Manning have to say? I mean we know they all talk in coach speak, saying a lot without really saying anything. Do they say anything interesting or useful ever? No, and we have to go through two weeks of it. Who cares about a special cleat that Gronk may wear on Sunday? If you know what I'm talking about you have had too much Super Bowl coverage. I also don't care about who the Patriots inspiration is. How many insipid angles can the media dig up?

Here's my Super Bowl prediction, I predict I won't be watching a whole lot. I may watch some of the actual game, but the things I'm looking most forward to are Madonna's halftime performance and the commercials. If I miss either of those things I can catch them on Monday.

Give me March Madness any day. Three weeks of great, exciting and competitive basketball. There's also not two weeks of hype leading up to the finals either.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to the Nickelback concert yet. If I go, I'd be good going and seeing the three opening acts and leaving before Nickelback takes the stage. I've listened to Nickelback's new CD "Here and Now" and it's as bad as most of the rest of their music. And it's just not me either. Here are some of excerpts from Entertainment Weekly. "But the lyrics- between cries of for world peace and anti-fame diatribes- just sound silly." "Worse Kroeger seems bored, wasting hours watching Baywatch reruns and conjuring up creepy metaphors for ... something". Yes, just what your are thinking, the boys of Nickelback aren't the greatest of lyricists. EW gives their new CD a C+ rating, which is being generous.

Rolling Stone review excerpts: "Grunge titans get back to the depressing basics." "Chad Kroeger and the guys return to their thudding essentials." "Plodding anthems.... make drinking and sex seem like shift work" "..... a synched up toe-dip into social commentary that's as natural as Mitt Romney passing out Thanksgiving turkeys at a homeless shelter, but gets a couple of points for surveying life beyond the strip club." I think that last statement is supposed to be a compliment, but actually sheds light on the lameness of Nickelback. (All this as My Chemical Romance's "Danger Days" gets scant coverage.)

I also watched "Drive" last night. The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. I'd heard so many good things about this movie and honestly I was disappointed. I get that Gosling's character wasn't the most dynamic character, but damn he was boring. I'd give the movie about a C- and I don't think I would recommend it. I might watch "Ides of March" tonight and I'm hoping that Gosling's character is much more dynamic in this movie.

Here are some videos:

This is Sugarcult's "Los Angeles", the lyrics aren't for everyone. Great song.

In contrast to the above video, this is probably one of the most joyous songs ever. "Put me in coach...."

Wise words of advice that has taken me too long to understand. Although the band sucks they are right on about letting a woman cry.

I like Lady Gaga, but I'm kind of getting tired of her now. However there's no denying how many great songs she has had. This is one of my favorites:

I love me some Chromeo, "Don't Turn The Lights On":

Halfway To Hazard's "Daisy":

Here's a couple from the Cars, this is "Tonight She Comes":

This is "Drive":

"Ain't No Reason", a great song that's a bit out of left field for most people. He ain't the best looking guy in the world but I love his voice. And this song is amazing.


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