Monday, February 13, 2012

Sluts night out

Hi Guys , well as i said on friday i was out all weekend for a wild night with my adultwork buddy LouLou Lei for fun, fucking, fun and more fucking. The night started well by getting my next door neighbour to take these sexy pics as we were waiting for our lift into town. We both promised the neighbour a fuck for his efforts so he was only too keen to take a few snaps (shame he had to wait until 3am for his fuck ).  After our night of sexy dancing, flirting and getting very drunk we managed to drag a couple of guys back to keep us entertained for the rest of the evening. As many of you know im a real whore for cock and was trying to persuade Lou Lou to let the two guys spit roast me (my Favourite ) whilst she sat and wanked her clit. She agreed on the condition that she could lick out my cum filled pussy after (the filthy slut lol). The two guys didnt disappoint me and gave me the spit roasting i was begging for and screwing me hard like the cock loving slut i am. i fucking love cock and feel like im in heaven when two guys are pounding both ends of me.  Once they finished i let Lou Lou lick out the cum from my cunt like the greedy bitch she is. As is always the way the two guys couldnt wait to leave once they had shot their loads but we still had the neighbour to use so the night wasnt over. As the good friend i am, i let Lou Lou have first go with the neighbour and i returned the favour me licking out her used cum filled cunt after. I will post up pix for you guys to wank over and if you want to see the vids log into adultwork and watch all the action. As many of you guys know SlutPrincess is a lady of her word and always provides evidence of her naughty nights out xxxxx

love and hugs

Leigh xxxxxxx

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