Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linsanity, Happy Valentine's Day


It cracks me up how quick one can become a sensation now days. Jeremy Lin has had 5 good games and everyone is hyping him up. Yes, this same player that has been cut by at least one team and was almost cut by the Knicks before he went on his hot spree. I love all the money the Knicks gave Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire and Tyson Chandler. Then Jeremy Lin is the one making the biggest impact of the four. It makes me wonder about the ability of those making basketball decisions in New York. Stoudemire is almost making 24 times what Lin is making. Can you believe that some fool is paying Stoudemire over $18,000,000. The same fool is paying Anthony even more. And people wonder why the Knicks aren't relevant. Paying $36 million to two over hyped, under performing players, they should probably glad they are only 2 games under .500.

I have nothing against Jeremy Lin and wish him all the best. It seems that he can actually play. I don't think he'll be a flash in the pan like Tim Tebow. Although I do wonder if both hadn't also had the benefit of playing against inferior opponents. I love that the Knicks went on their hot streak when both Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire each missed a few games. A coincidence? I don't think so, I think that Coach D'antoni found a perfect point guard to run his run and gun offense. This hot streak shows how important it is for the Knicks to have a great point guard. It will be interesting to see how well the Knicks play when the two ball centric players get back from their absences.

Linsanity has been so crazy that people are wondering if Lin and Anthony can play together. That's a great and fair question. Not that I've ever been a big fan of Anthony, but I'd trade him for pieces if I was the Knicks GM. Having both Stoudemire and Anthony is redundant. Meanwhile Anthony should adjust to playing with Lin, not the other way around. With the ball stopping when Anthony gets the ball, why do the Knicks play that offense? The Nuggets played better once they traded (dumped) Anthony last season. The Knicks were 8-15 before their recent 5 game winning streak powered by Lin. Stoudamire missed the last 4 games and Anthony missed the last 3.5 games. Bad news Knicks fans Anthony is due back this week.

Oh by the way the Nuggets are 16-12 without the highly overrated Anthony on their team this season. Do you remember how boring that whole story about Anthony possibly being traded last season was. He held the Nuggets and indeed the entire NBA hostage. It was excruciatingly boring. Another thing about Anthony is he's all about him. It never seemed that he cared about the Nuggets in anyway. Just another reason I wouldn't want Anthony on my team.

If Anthony buys into team and works with Lin, imagine how much better the Knicks could be. Getting Anthony out into the open floor constantly would create many scoring opportunities for the Knicks without slowing down the whole team. If Anthony was Lin's run and gun swing man, imagine how much fun that would be Knicks fans. If that happens then the Knicks should try and trade Stoudamire for an outside shooter. He'll never live up to his contract..

I could care less about Linsanity, and wonder how much less it would be if it wasn't in New York. He wouldn't be such a big deal in Charlotte or Memphis.

Today is one of those corporate holidays that most people seems to have a big fuss about it. I'm in a few groups of single people on Facebook. The whining about not having a love interest is annoying and ridiculous. As for me, I'm okay with it. I've only been divorced 18 months and am still recovering from it. Divorce is the gift that keeps on kicking one in the ass. I can't believe how much it continues to come back and bite me.

I'm sort of dating, but it's not a big priority for me now. Financially dating isn't feasible and getting married would be financially impossible probably for at least the next few years. Dating isn't a big priority now. I also wonder why isn't the ones that you are attracted to seem to always be attracted to someone else. And why do the ones I have no interest in, have an interest in me? So why am I writing about this. Well Hallentine's Day got me thinking about this. Also on random play my iTunes was playing me some songs that was making me feel the conflicting emotions of love.

This is probably my favorite Chris LeDoux song. This is such a great song about the pain that can come from love:

Oh man I love this song, definitely a Top 500 all-time song:

One of the greatest beginning of a song of all time:

Olivia Newton John's "Twist of Fate":

I loved this song the first time I heard it on "American Idol". "Leave Right Now" by Will Young:

Perhaps the band that sings the most bittersweet love song of all-time, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", here's "Harbor Lights":

Here's that Top 100 all-time song, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes":

This song caught my attention when it played random on iTunes this morning. This is The Cab's "La La (Like A Symphony)":

I'm working all day, I hope your day is better than my Valentine's Day.


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