Monday, February 6, 2012

Josh Powell: Hell has its new doorman.


Yesterday was a perfectly good day for me, that is until I got home from a church related meeting. At that time I found out the shocking and unbelievable news that Josh Powell had intentionally killed himself and his two small, innocent children. Thankfully a social worker dropping off the two kids for a supervised visit was spared the same tragic fate. After I heard that I was in shock the rest of the day and honestly still am not back to feeling 100%. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. If you are wanting to meet Josh Powell, he currently is burning in hell.

I try to keep this blog mostly light hearted but the above news was just too tragic not to comment on. My prayers are with all the family and friends of Susan Powell. Susan is probably dead also. This whole bizarre incident started when Josh Powell claimed he took his two kids camping on a cold and late night. Obviously he had killed his wife and dumped her body out in the desert. The police were never able to gather enough evidence to charge him though.

RIP Susan Powell and sons.

I wasn't much interested in watching the Super Bowl yesterday, but after hearing that news my interest dimmed even more. I caught the final 57 seconds of the game. For me the worst thing about the Giants winning is that we have to hear about the "greatness" of Eli Manning for the next 6 months. The funny thing though is I still have no desire for him to be on any of my teams.

Finally it looks like I'll be going to see "Grease" on Friday night at my alma mater Woods Cross High. It's a student production. Last year these students performed "Les Miserables" and did an incredible job. I don't expect anything less this year.


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