Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Smash" is a Smash!


I love the new Katharine McPhee TV series "Smash". I'm a bit concerned that the ratings dropped both the second and third weeks. I love the back stage cattiness and drama behind producing a new Broadway play. I love the music that's being sung in the show, both the originals and the reworked classics. All the actors and actresses have great voices and it's a very compelling show. I find both the show "Smash" and the actual Marilyn Monroe play compelling.

I only have two objections to this show. The first is Tom's personal assistant, Ellis. I liked his character at first. And I love how he stands up to Julia, his boss's fellow songwriter. However I don't like the whole idea of him stealing the unfinished script and wanting credit for having the idea of a Marilyn Monroe play. I'm sure that idea iof a Marilyn Monroe play has been batted around Broadway since Monroe was originally a big star. She was married to some of the most intriguing men in America, including two all-time greats. Not only did she marry Joe Dimaggio, one of the greatest baseball players ever, she also married Arthur Miller. He's one of the greatest playwrights ever. One of his biggest hits is the heart breaking "Death of A Salesman", the sad story of Willy Loman. He also wrote the amazing "The Crucible" It's his snide and mocking allegory of the stupidity of McCarthyism. He also is famous for his "A View From The Bridge".

The second objection is do the sex scenes have to be graphic. I really don't need to see Ivy's naked back in the throes of sex.

So if you get the right people behind that, how would that not make for an amazing play. Here's some of the great songs from the show. This is Bruno Mars original of "Grenade":

I love this rocked out version by actor Will Chase. He portrays Broadway veteran Michael Swift. He had a torrid affair with Julia and has been cast as Joe Dimaggio in the new Marilyn Monroe play.

Again I can just say how much I love Katharine McPhee in this, I love her take on this Gretchen Wilson classic. Unfortunately it's clear she's lip synching and she didn't do a very good job at it. But I still love the sass she sings this song with:

Unfortunately the duet by Megan Hilty and Will Chase singing "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" isn't available on I think that's an original song and I really like it.

Here's Megan Hilty singing "Crazy Dreams", this song gives you an insight into her talent:

Sleigh Bells recently released their new CD, but I'm not understanding the hysteria. I don't get their music at all. Their only song I would even recommend is "Infinity Guitars":

Although I'm not a big fan of Sleigh Bells, I've been enjoying some of the great songs of Chris LeDeoux today. Here's a selection of some of his great songs.

"Hooked On A 8 Second Ride":

This is my favorite LeDeoux song, "Riding For A Fall":


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