Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gisele: NFL Expert?,


Why is Gisele criticizing Tom Brady's teammates dropping balls even news? Why does anyone care what an untalented, way past her prime super model has to say about anything? And may I also say that the bar has been lowered considerably for what it means to be a super model. I grew up when Cindy Crawford were supermodels. I know many women that are so much more attractive than Gisele. Tom Brady's first baby mama was the truly gorgeous Bridget Monyhan. Also Bridget actually can do other things.

At this point my son has found someone to go to the Nickelback concert with, which I'm mostly glad about. However I will be sad not to see Seether, I've really grown to like their music over the last couple of weeks. I've been jamming out to them all day. Although I would urge you to avoid their remix CD, "Remix EP". Rock songs just aren't meant to be mixed beyond their rock origins.

I heard a dance remix of "Rolling In The Deep" the other day, that was atrocious. Some songs just shouldn't be messed with.

Right now I'm listening to Van Halen's "new" CD "A Different Kind of Truth". According to Sammy Hagar a lot of the music was music that the band originally worked on back in their David Lee Roth heyday. Honestly that's what it sounds like. There are a couple of good songs but a lot of the music sounds like the retreads that Hagar intimated that it is.

I listened to this CD twice and it's okay. It's not ground breaking by any stretch of the imagination though. My two favorite songs are "Tattoo" and "Stay Frosty". "Stay Frosty" is probably the most kick butt song on the CD. There's a lot of classic Eddie Van Halen guitar playing in this song.


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