Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Hunger Games"


Add me to large contingent of people that have fallen in love with "The Hunger Games". The first two times I started reading the book I stopped out of sheer boredom. The reason I even gave it a second chance because of the near universal praise for the book. However I still couldn't get into it. I continued hearing all the praise but I wasn't going to give in this time. That is until I saw this amazing trailer:

I had bought the book awhile ago and have kept it. Starting this past Saturday, I've been reading several pages each night and I have seen why so many people have fallen in love with this book. This is a great book and I love it so much. I have read to page 234, which is right in the middle of a chapter. I usually stop at the end of a chapter, but I had such a hard time putting the book down last night.

I've reached the part where Rue was killed by one of the other original 24. Then his life was ended by an arrow from the bow of Katniss Everdeen. That leaves the pool down to 6 people. That 6 include Katniss, Peeta, Foxface and I believe 3 of the so-called "career" tributes.

I'm looking to the final 140 pages and the events that will happen. Thanks to my middle son for letting me borrow books 2 and 3 of the series. I probably will be watching this movie opening weekend, but I won't be taking my kids. I wonder how they were able to keep this movie PG-13 with as much violence as there is in the movie. Also I heard that the third book, "Mockingjay" is even more violent.

Random NBA thoughts. After the Jazz led the woeful Timberwolves by 18 points, they still found a way to lose. Going into this season, most Jazz fans didn't expect a lot from this team. The Jazz have a lot of nice pieces, but their point guard situation was a big question mark. (For those that don't think a point guard makes that big of a deal, if there is anyone like that, look at the Jeremy Lin situation in New York. The Knicks are winning because they finally found a great point guard, not because of the twin black holes.) As this season continues, it's obvious the Jazz are in a desperate need of a true first string point guard. Right now they have two very capable back up point guards. It's still disheartening that they found a way to lose last night. I'm glad I haven't become emotionally invested in this team. I didn't waste my time watching the game or feeling the disappointment of their choke.  I also hope they find a real point guard in the off season.

Last night the Orlando Magic were in New Jersey, where the crowd was chanting they wanted Dwight Howard to join their team. Why does anyone want Superbaby to join their team? He's more about himself than the concept of team, which is why he'll never win an NBA Championship as a key player. Not only is he mostly about himself, he's one of the biggest whiners in the NBA. Sometimes he wants to be in Orlando, sometimes he wants to leave. Pick almost any topic you can think of and chances are he's whined about it. He whined a few times during the lockout, it seems he wasn't getting enough attention. While most players were worried about having a season, Dwight was only worried about himself. I hate the new modern NBA player that he represents.

Also what the hell is up with Joakim Noah's bun, the one he wears when he's playing basketball? Can someone please take away his man card? Where did he play college basketball at? Oh he's a Dukie, that explains a lot. I can't take anything away from his game, he had a triple-double last night. It's time for him to get a haircut though.

When Lebron James was in Cleveland a couple of days ago, he was asked about possibly playing in Cleveland again. Here's my question, who cares? Why are people worried about where James is going to be playing 5 years from now? Also dearest ESPN please don't show Allen Iverson's practice rant ever again. We get it that he was a selfish player, we just don't want to see him again. Thanks.

Finally the Jeremy Lin train continues. The Knicks are 8-2 with him as the starting point guard and 9-2 over their last 11 games. Carmelo had yet another average game. He was 7 for 16, had 4 rebounds, 15 points and the Knicks were +7 with him on the floor. How does this allegedly, amazing all-star player get so few rebounds in so many games?

Lin had a good game, but he didn't knock anyone's socks off either. He was 6 for 11, had 9 assists, 17 points and the Knicks were plus 9 with him on the floor. Maybe someone should ask Anthony if he might want to play in Cleveland some day, I think that he'll quickly become an unneeded expense for the Knicks.

I was looking at the stats of the Knicks game last night and one thing jumped out at me, Jerry Stackhouse played 12 minutes. I hadn't been aware that someone was still paying Stackhouse to play basketball.

All songs brought to you by my iPod's shuffle:

Tim McGraw's "Red Ragtop":

Yes, I know I have this song on my blog quite frequently. The reason why is because I think it's an amazing, amazing song. This song is why the lame Gallagher brothers were put on the earth. It's too bad we have to endure all their other stupidity.

Trapt's "Headstrong": "This is not where you belong".

I so love this song. This singer is Meiko, she's not to be confused with the very lame and boring Mika. This is "Boys With Girlfriends":

"YMCA" gets all the love, but this song is equally catchy. This version is almost as catchy as the original. I've tamed it down for younger eyes that may stumble across my blog.

I love Pink, she has had some amazing songs. Hey Pink I know you recently had a baby, but isn't it about time to release a new CD?


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