Thursday, February 9, 2012

Escort Friends

Last Wednesday it got to about 10pm and i just had to make that call. I made the booking with one of my friends who is a escort and made my way to her house. I always enjoy seeing her as i get to catch up, relax and have a few drinks not to mention she is smoking.

Long blond hair and big silicone tits are just the beginning with her as she has the personality of a saint and fucks me like its her last time to have sex, ever. After a few hours of talking and catching up we decided to round of the evening like we discussed. Having slept with a few porn stars as well as normal high class escorts my memory is getting a little thin on the memories of who was amazing and who wasn't but if there is one thing i wont ever forget it is last Wednesdays booking.

After sucking my dick owo for around 30 minutes i noticed Jenna's tong and fingers were getting very close to my ass hole but she wasn't actually doing anything to it. After giving her the nod she started licking around my ass and putting the tip of her tong inside. The feeling was amazing as she continued to wank me off and pull my dick around like the crazed porn star she is. Before i knew it she had a finger inside my ass along with her tong. With a slow circle licking motion accompanied with her finger i was having one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

She stood up and told me to undress her. I pulled down her dress and took of her panties, she gave me the condom and i laid on the bed again, she fucked me hard for a long time the sweat was poring from my forehead whilst i had her big silicone tits blocking my mouth and obstructing my breathing. I loved the feeling of biting and sucking her rubber like tits due to the silicone bags leaning on the inside of her skin, i was in heaven.

After performing my duties and making her cum it was my turn. Jenna laid on her back and squeezed her tits together, i slid my cock up and down in between her tits whilst making sure i entered her mouth every time on the way up "cum in my mouth" she instructed. I started wanking off hard and fast but i felt there was something missing and before i knew it she was massaging my ass hole with her finger again. I shot my load all into her mouth and slowly pulled out. She wiped her lips in a scooping motion and made sure she had all my cum in her mouth. Continuing to finger my ass she looked me in the eyes and swallowed my whole load.

"do it again Paul" she instructed, i replied "only if you eat my ass out again"

Experiencing a sexy woman rimming me for the first time in my life was hot. I can only recommend it. The feeling reminded me of the first time i discovered my dick.

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