Monday, February 27, 2012

Band of Skulls: Are they 2012's Break Out Band?


I was at my favorite local record store, Graywhale, the other day. They usually have 5 different CDs playing on a random basis. They have all sorts of music playing. Sometimes the music is really good and sometimes it's really bad. Well Band of Skulls came on and they were kicking butt. They have a very Black Keysish feel to them. I didn't buy any of their music, but now I'm regretting it. However I'm listening to them on Spotify.

The song that was playing was this very dirty blues vibe song:

I vowed to myself that I would check them out, today I started listening to them on Spotify this morning. I've found another band that I'm going to love. I really love their rock/ blues vibe. Listening to them on Spotify this morning, I realized I already have this song on my iTunes:

I love this song "I Know What I Am":

The above song reminds me a lot of Boom Crash Opera's "Onion Skin":

I also like the title track from their new CD "Sweet Sour":

I enjoy this song for the title alone, "Your Not Pretty But You Got It Going On":

I also really like this song: "The Devil Takes Care Of His Own". (Which should be subtitled "Until He Doesn't Need You Anymore".)

Last night I didn't watch a minute of The Oscars or the NBA All-Star game. Yes, I'm proud of myself. However I did watch another good episode of "The Walking Dead":

This show has certainly been a lot better since it returned in mid-February. I love that there's a lot more action and a lot less speechifying. Nothing wrong with people making speeches. But the speeches have been so frightfully boring, especially when given by Rick or Lori. The scenes set at the government installation where Rick and Shane were going to dump Randall was all kinds of awesome. What happened wasn't completely predictable, I honestly had no idea if Rick and Randall were going to go back and rescue Shane. Too bad these scenes were intercut with Hershel's boring farm. Is it bad that I find myself not caring what goes on Hershel's farm and that I start to root for the zombies?

I liked that this episode didn't have the waste of flesh characters Hershel, the boring Dale and the why even bother having him on the show at all T-Dawg. Again I noticed that rarely does anything exciting happen on Hershel's farm. My prediction is that this is being done on purpose. At the end of Season Two the zombies will discover Hershel's farm and finally over run it. I'm hopeful that they will kill all of Hershel's boring family. I'm also guessing that Shane may not be around for Season 3. That will be the impetus to finally get Rick's crew back on the road. And it sounds like in Season 3 they'll be running into the famous "Walking Dead" character The Governor. That sounds good to me, I just hope that they don't spend all of Season 3 hanging out at the Governor's compound. As for now though the boredom of Hershel's farm will continue. I always have to suspend my disbelief whenever we see his farm.

I also like the zombie that was out wandering in the field when Rick and Shane drove by both times.  I don't know what the purpose of that was, but it was a cool shot. There was something peaceful about the shot. It made me wonder about the true humanity of a zombie. Also the story continues to be strong in this second half of season two. I love how Rick said they need to start using their knifes more. They are running out of ammunition and this is a lot more quiet way to dispatch of the zombies. This shows that both the characters and the show itself is evolving. I like Rick talking about what might happen when winter comes. Will that hurt or kill off a large amount of zombies? Honestly I would be disappointed if the zombies didn't evolve in some way though. They are very much living organisms that want to live as much as humans want to. It seems to me they will do what they can to continue to survive.

Grateful that this show has got so much better. However I still do have a few complaints about the show. The first is can we get rid of that lame character Lori? It was a nice change of pace last night in that she was only mildly annoying. Robert Kirkman/ "Walking Dead" producers how much does someone have to pay you to dump this lame character? Also can we just please stop having these actors speak with a Southern accent? Especially Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, that's the worst accent I've heard. He's not very good at it and it just makes his character sound stupid. This show doesn't need any more stupid

Also I laugh that even those these characters are fighting for their life everyday, they like to ease up on their own safety. They still have time to get into extended fist fights with each other. Although Rick had this big speech about using knives to be quiet, Shane tosses that wrench. And of course it makes no sense this is when the zombies come out. What have they been doing when Rick and Shane were very loudly fighting outside? Why didn't they react to Randall's desperate screams? Do they forget they are in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse? I know the body can't stay in fight or flight mode all the time. But if it was me I would constantly be on the outlook and I would have a lot more urgency when performing a task. I wouldn't be sauntering around like there's no chance there's any zombies around. Thankfully not every place on "The Walking Dead" is Hershel's farm.

I also don't like how these obscure characters become relevant for one or two episodes only to try and bring some excitement to the show. For instance, Hershel's suicidal daughter. I could care less if this character died or not. Actually I would prefer that this character dies as there are just too many subplots going on already. It seems like next week will be the end of Randall's arc. Again I just don't care.

NBA notes: 7 things I'd like to see:
1) Trade of Dwight Howard and then for him to stop whining and being such an attention whore.
2) Kobe Bryant retire, I'm so sick of him. Thankfully both he and the Lakers are on the way out.
3) With the Jazz playing like crap, I would like to see the Thunder win the NBA Championship. I love their players, all their hard work and I love Kevin Durrant. He seems to be playing with a lot of heart and desire now. He seems to have determined that he won't be denied this season.
4) I know I shouldn't like the Heat. However I can't help but like them. James and Wade play so well together and Wade is the man. He's one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA. If the Thunder don't win the title I'd like to see the Heat win it. It was interesting to see James choke at the end of the All-Star Game last night. It seems some things will never change.
5) I would like to see the Knicks continue their streak of playing poorly, Jeremy Lin gets sick of it and joins the Jazz in the offseason. He would fit right in on the young and upcoming Jazz.
6) I would love to see the Nuggets finish with a better record than the Knicks, further tarnishing Carmelo Anthony's being over rated.
7) David Stern retire, it's time for some fresh blood in the commissioner's office.

Two more sports related thoughts. Readers of my blog know that I have a huge crush on ESPN hottie Hannah Storm. The dress she wore today highlighted her amazing figure and was very pleasing to the eye. I'm jealous of her lucky husband. She's gorgeous, has a great figure and knows a lot about sports. Is that not the perfect woman?

Also with MLB Spring Training opening I can tell fans are planning for their teams to win the World Series. Sportscenter was showing film of Prince Fielder in the batting cage today. I can't help but think that there's no way he'll ever live up to his 9 year, $214 million dollar contract. Oh I think he'll have a few great years. However near the end of his contract the Tigers won't be able to get rid of him quick enough.

As a Dodgers, Pirates, Cubs and Braves fan I'm honestly not expecting any of those teams to win the World Series. In fact the only one of those teams that I think has a chance to make the playoffs is Atlanta. And Atlanta likes to choke in the playoffs. As usual I'll be putting all my World Series hopes on the Red Sox. Although I'm very concerned about their starting pitching.

Here are some other great songs:

Elvis Costello's "Alison": I dedicate this song to all those who missed out on someone they really, really liked.

needtobreathe's "Through The Smoke". (This band was one of the best finds of 2011.)

Bettie Serveet's "Deny All":

Ok she may be one of the dumbest people in all of show business and I have no idea how she keeps on getting jobs. (I have my thoughts.) But man Paula Abdul was something back in the mid to late 80s. And there's no denying the greatness of this song, although from the opening note you can tell this is the CD track.

This is such a great song to exercise too and just a great song overall, "Rebel Yell":

New Found Glory's "Summer Fling":


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