Saturday, January 14, 2012

So you like them barbie

Everyone has a type. A type of girl that gets them in the mood for nothing but straight fucking or if your like me then your fully attracted to nothing but that "slut" look and you hope that one day your end up with that girl that everyone knows fucks like a bad bitch.

Some girls have that look in there eye and some don't. Im talking about the "whore" face - the beautiful girls out there that look like they come straight from the mac make up counter or even the plastic surgeon. Unfortunately these girls are hard to find so what do you do when you can't find any new Angelina Valentines or Sophia Rossi's?

You look at the next best thing.

Transexual super star Kimber James covers all the following areas, she's slim, she has big silicone lips, huge silicone tits and a body girls can't compare to let alone a barbie doll itself.

Yea she has a dick but does she look like a guy to you?

Im proud to say I'm straight, but saying that i would book Kimber for a hour straight away if is she come back to london at any point. Have a look at the following pictures and then try and deny your dick what it wants.

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