Monday, January 9, 2012

So, I like to Morph

I am Moregas.

I have been Morphing for a while now, mainly for my own personal pleasure.

My first attempts were pretty poor, getting to grips with how boobs would look a few more cup sizes, wasn't as easy as I thought. However the more I practised, the more I found that I started to get reasonably good results that I was happy with sharing to other fake boob lovers.

Now Paul has asked me to share a few on this Blog. So here I am.

I'll start with a favourite pornstar of my own, Aletta Ocean. There is something about her European looks that just blow me away every time I see a new shoot of hers. Her tight body, amazing fake tits and beautiful pumped up lips are my personal dream. She is one of my favourite models to Morph and although I think she is near perfection, I always think that a another couple 100cc or so into her implants would make her a goddess.

I hope you like my Morphs.

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