Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shyla Stylez

Every now and then we (porn star lovers) come across a lady that excels everyone and anything within the industry. To me Shyla Stylez is that lady.

Shyla is a top 5 porn star for me and it doesn't stop there, she's a top 5 woman in general. The kind of girl that makes you cum just by looking at her, everything about her screams fuck me from her sexy ass and thick legs to her amazing huge tits and beautiful face with that look in her eye that lets you know she's down for anything and thats a good thing, because when a women as sexy as Shyla fucks and abuses her body as well as she does on film i can only imagine what crazy shit she may get up to behind closed doors.

Her legs are some of the best i have seen in my lifetime they look so juicy and tight like pvc, i would love to suck and lick my way up to her thighs before eating out her ass and eventually making my way to her pussy. I would tolerate anything and everything she does and i would have some crazy requests of my own.

Spitting, pissing, face sitting, strangling and anything else that would make us fuck day and night whilst on the verge of going to prison for strange sex acts with each other would be perfect. Fuck it let me just hang out the back of her ass hole face first and il die a happy man.

Two of my favourite Shyla scenes has to be where some building guy blocks her in and she's late for a interview or job - the other is when she fucks her ex husband at work whilst her new boyfriend (the boss) is out doing shit. She ends up getting slapped about, spat on and gets held down by a foot on her face whilst his sliding it in and out of her ass.

I personally rate Ms Stylez a 10 out of 10 and i go as far to say as "The Perfect Wife"

Shyla Stylez i salute you babe. 

Official Shyla Stylez website

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