Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sexy Karen

As much as i love barbie silicone babes i also share the same fetish with hot busty mums or at least could be mums.

Karen Fisher is a beautiful thick blonde "fucker" that i would defiantly place in my top 10 porn performers. She even resembles a local girl i used to date so for me its a win win. If i could only meet her!

She recently visited london and unfortunately i missed out due to other commitments but i have collected a few pictures and thought i would share them with you guys and girls so you don't make the same mistake as me if she comes to your town or city.

A warning for the guys though, these pictures will make you snap your manhood in two. This is one hot lady and if your like me (hot blooded) you will feel no way to do things to her that should be illegal

But not badness! I'm talking good things.

If you want to see more of Karen, check out her official website here

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