Thursday, January 19, 2012

Redlight King, Give Lana Del Ray a break, Go away "American Idol"


I've really been enjoying the CD by Redlight King, "Something For the Pain". Here are some of the songs off that CD, check it out. This is my favorite song on the CD, I especially like the "a little roughed up" chorus:

Here are three more great songs from the Redlight King"Comeback":

"Something For The Pain":

"Built To Last":

Also Lana Del Ray has been getting a lot of negativity for her performance on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend. I'm not sure why she's received so much hatred. She's not the most dynamic singer, but for her kind of music that's what is to be expected. She sings very subdued, off the beaten path music. However she has a great voice, a great look and also sings some very unique songs. It's actual music not the over processed Britney Spears pop that we usually have to suffer through. I actually quite like Lana Del Ray and look forward eagerly to her CD coming out on January 31st.

I love this song, "Video Games":

This is the weaker of her two performances, but I still like her intriguing sound:

This is another very cool song by Miss Del Ray. doesn't have the track listing for her new CD, but I'm guessing all these songs will be on that CD. This song is called "Born To Die":

Speaking of things that people perceive as over rated, Season 11 of "American Idol" debuted last night. I was a big fan just a few years ago. I loved Simon, but could have lived without him on the show. But who did they replace him with? Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez debuted as judges and neither are very good. But that still wasn't the nail in the coffin for me. The nail in the coffin actually isn't just one thing, it's several things. There have been some boring winners of late and Scotty McCreery is one of them. The last great person that won was David Cook. In fact it's usually a non winner that goes on to have the best career. The most interesting person for me last year was Pia Toscano.

Nails in the coffin include Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson as judges. Tyler's lame critiques revolve around the word beautiful in some way. Like Jackson he only has two or three basic critiques. Then other than being beautiful I'm not sure what anyone gets from J Lo's advice. How the hell is Randy Jackson and his dorky laugh still around? He has to be the dumbest man in the music industry. When was the last time he put a coherent sentence together?

I also hate all the producer driven manipulated shenanigans to favor one singer over another. Of course since it's a Fox show, the hype is overwhelming. Also the sameness of the show is now grating. This show should have ended after David Cook won, it would have ended on a high note. Now Fox is milking this show for all that they can. Although this show should have ended previously Fox will keep it going until they've sucked possibly every penny out of it. Hopefully the viewership will drop enough this season for the show to be cancelled once and for all.


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