Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nickelback again?


Sorry for the long absence, it's been just crazy lately. I had all sorts of computer issues at work which took up a lot more time than it should have. I'm thinking the problem has been solved now, I'm hoping things will return to normal.

My son is rapidly approaching his 16th birthday and for his birthday he wants to go see Nickelback. They are coming to Salt Lake City on June 12th. I'm hoping he can go with his friend, but if not I told him I would go with him. I love live rock music, but I think this night I think would be less than fun. First of all 4 bands are playing that night. And the night will end with Nickelback, perhaps one of the worst bands ever.

What does it say about the current rock scene if Nickelback is a headliner? What does it say about Nickelback if Seether has more quality songs than they do? I'm hoping that the sound is a lot better than the last time I saw them in concert. I hope they have also learned how to do a concert. In other words limiting the singing a song, taking a break to engage in some stupidity, singing a song cycle. I love my live music loud, but they were too loud. It seemed like they hadn't ever performed a concert ever. I just have no idea how they turned into the biggest rock band in the world.

The other bands that are playing that night are Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days. Did you know that Bush was still around? I think they broke up and have reunited. "Sixteen Stone" came out 17 year olds, yes before my son was ever born. Now don't get me wrong, Bush is good enough. But if they didn't become superstars before, what's the likelihood that they will now? Here are a couple of my favorite songs of theirs:


"Come Down""


I've been checking out Seether today on Spotify, they are a lot better than I expected they would be. I really like this song of theirs:

Then My Darkest Days are getting some attention for this song:

Other music notes, I've been really enjoying the music of My Chemical Romance lately. When I make my next Top 50 musicians list, they have a solid chance of making it. Nickelback has no chance at all, either do any of the other bands they are touring with. In honor of MCR, my favorite song of there's right now:

Other great songs: Big Audio Dynamite's "Rush":

Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal":

Robin Thicke's "Angel On Each Arm":

A couple from Taylor Dayne, first "Don't Rush Me":

My favorite Taylor Dayne song, "I'll Be Your Shelter":

One of the greatest 80's songs:

We The Kings "Check Yes Juliet":

"New York, New York"- Ryan Adams


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