Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More great songs


I was busy at work today, as I was working I listened to Nickelback. I listened to them for four straight hours. Their music grows monotonous very fast. Other than a few songs, I absolutely despise Nickelback. They represent nearly everything wrong with corporate America rock music. Their music is just blah, they only have three subjects they write about and their viewpoint on those subjects is very high schoolish. They sing about sex, partying and livin the rock star life. The only reason they are even in my music orbit now is because I may have to go see them again this summer. Here's an example of how crappy their music is:

The above song is the first single from their new CD "Here and Now". "Bottoms Up" would fit perfectly on any of their CDs, which is the problem. Not only do many of their songs sound alike, but they all are written with lowest common denominator lyrics. Those same lyrics are as subtle as a sledgehammer. I get they aren't trying subtely, but listening to their lyrics will lower your IQ by at least 10 points. So that no one will accuse me of being a 100% Nickelback basher, they do have some good songs. Also Chad Kroeger seems to be as big of a tool as what he looks like.

Unfortunately they didn't play two or three of their best songs the first time I saw them. I was going to put some of their better songs here, but I can't get them to play on youtube.com. Although I can get everybody else's songs to play. Two of their better songs are "Some Day" and "How You Remind Me".

Now here are some good songs to wipe "Bottoms Up" out of your mind. This is Paula Cole:

This is the song that's kicking my butt the most right now. Comparing this to Nickelback is unfair.... to Nickelback. This music not only rocks, but it's so much more melodic and entertaining. This is My Chemical Romance "Bulletproof Heart":

Nickelback wouldn't even have made a dent in the 80's. Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home":


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