Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Say "No" To Tim Tebow


Dearest ESPN, can you now please focus on the 49ers. They are in the NFC Championship game and deserve your coverage. Tim Tebow isn't the only sports story going on, in fact let there be no more Tebow stories until at least the off season. The last Sportscenter I watched on Thursday seemed like at least 1/3rd of the coverage was devoted to Tebow. San Francisco, in spite of being a better team, only received the briefest of mentions.

Tim Tebow again was exposed as the below average NFL quarterback he is last night. He was terrible and the Broncos defense was porous. Tim Tebow finished the game completing 9 of 26 passes, a 34% completion percentage. His quarterback rating was 52.7, well below mediocre. He only threw for 136 yards, no touchdowns or interceptions. He also rushed the ball 5 times for 13 yards. Thank goodness New England completely dominated the Broncos, now can we please talk about something besides the overrated Tebow? Please.

I hear people wondering why he's so hated. It's not because he's religious. It's because he's very over rated and a creature of hype. His complete failure against the Chiefs and the Patriots are much more indicative of his abilities than his miraculous performance against the Steelers.

Now compare his pathetic stat line to a real quarterback, The Patriots Tom Brady. Brady completed 26 of 34 passes, a 76% completion rate. He had a quarterback rating of 137.6, which is extremely high. He threw for 363 yards, 6 TDs and only one interception. To put this in perspective, Brady almost had as many touchdown passes as Tebow had completions. This game highlights how important having a great quarterback is. It truly is a quarterback league, which is why Dallas won't be relevant as long as they have Tony Romo as their quarterback. Speaking of which I still can't believe Dallas found a way to beat the 49ers in San Francisco early in the season.

Tebow will never be in the same league as Brady and I expect him to wash out of the NFL in a couple of seasons. But as someone who had the Broncos shoved down my throat every week growing up, I'm kind of glad that Tebow has been so successful. Why? Now instead of the Broncos going and getting a real quarterback, they will stick with Tebow. That means more mediocre seasons for the Broncos with him at quarterback.

In the other game yesterday, San Francisco had two stirring late game drives. Alex Smith was a great college quarterback and I'm not sure why he hasn't developed into a great NFL quarterback. Although he had a damn good game yesterday. He was 24 of 42 for 299 yards. He threw for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions with a 103.2 quarterback rating. He had a slightly better rating than Drew Brees, who many people consider a much better NFL quarterback.

I watched all of the game, except for the last couple of minutes. I had a social function to attend. I was able to see the play call where Alex Smith ended up running for a 28 yard touchdown. Then it was a Smith to Vernon Davis touchdown pass with 9 seconds that clinched the victory for the 49ers. Another clutch play by Smith and great call by Harbaugh.

I've been very disappointed with Alex Smith since he's been in the NFL. I admit I thought the 49ers were crazy when they resigned him before this season. But that has been one of the many great moves the 49ers have made since Jim Harbaugh signed on as head coach. Again this shows how much of a difference a great head coach can make. Alex Smith was/is the weak link for the 49ers Super Bowl hopes. But if he continues to play like he did yesterday, the 49ers have a real chance to win the Super Bowl. That would be awesome. I'd love to have a Super Bowl that I care about who wins the game.

There are two more games today, both of which I care much less about than the games of yesterday. The only one I will follow with any interest is Green Bay-New York. Although I dislike the Giants with a great intensity, I'm hoping they win today. In the NFC Championship game, I'd much rather have the 49ers play at home against the Giants than them play on the road in frigid Green Bay. Go Giants. Now do I think they will win. Heck no!


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