Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Jimmer returns to Utah, Does Jerry Jones really want a winner?


Just some random thoughts today.

Jimmer Fredette returned to Utah last night for the first time as a NBA player and showed why I'm glad the Jazz didn't draft him. Someday he'll find a team that will be a good fit for him and he'll be a decent player. However I certainly don't think he's worthy of being a first round pick. But that's one of the things that makes the Kings the Kings.

Potentially Payton Manning may be on the move from the Colts. If that's true and he's healthy enough I'd like the Cowboys to make a run at him. How many times does Tony Romo have to show that he's not the player to take the Cowboys to the next level before Dallas tries something new? (And please don't make the weak argument that Romo doesn't play defense. New England's defense isn't always the best but Tom Brady always seems to have the Patriots in contention every year.)

If Jerry Jones makes a big move like this it will show that he's serious about having a winner in Dallas. Most of his moves so far haven't shown that. I can't guarantee that signing Manning would work out for the Cowboys, but it would show a little more guts. Most of Jones moves look like they are about maximizing profit. That's fine because that's why people go into business. But then don't tell me you really want a winner when it's been 15 years of mediocrity. I don't really believe any more that Jones cares about having a winner in Dallas. A real winner doesn't pay a lot of money to Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett to be head coach.

The Super Bowl is a week from today and I could care less. Giants-Patriots might be the most boring match up I could think of. The only thing about the Super Bowl I'm looking forward to is Madonna at halftime and the commercials.

Also from checking out Seether on Spotify yesterday I'm not liking them quite a bit. I really like their CD "One Cold Night".

The following video goes without saying:


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