Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go 49ers! Super Bowl Here We Come!


I've been so busy lately with a new quarter starting at the school that I work at. That's why my blogs have been so few lately. Things should settle down this week and I hope to return to a regular blogging schedule.

A couple of quick movie notes. The new Sherlock Holmes movie is absolutely dreadful. I had no expectations going in that it would be good. And that's what happened. It was so bad I fell asleep in it. The whole Professor Moriarity story line was dreadful. Let's hope this is the last of this dreadful series.

I also watched "Courageous" with my kids last night. It's a Christian drama about becoming a better man and father. It's a good movie but very heavy handed in it's Christian dogma. I would have loved for that to have been toned down a bit. I say that and I'm a believer in what the movie is advocating. The Snake King scene is one of the funniest scenes I've seen in any movie ever. Watch just for that scene. My kids laughed their way through that whole scene.

Anyway on to the football being played today. In the AFC Championship game it will be New England playing against Baltimore. I have virtually no interest in this game and predict that it will be a boring game. In spite of Baltimore's ferocious defense, I predict that New England will win by at least two touchdowns.

For the record my favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys and they always will be. However I've become tired of their inept owner and his meddling ways. And both the quarterback and head coach positions are far from being fully solved. So over the years I've adopted both Tampa Bay and the 49ers.

Now on to what I think will be the best game of the day by far. San Francisco vs. New York. I hate the Giants and everything about them. From their lame head coach to their weak chinned quarterback. I love all the people jumping on the Eli Manning bandwagon. With some suggesting he may be the best of the Manning brother quarterbacks. Please!

On the other side we have the refined Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith. No one is under the illusion that Alex Smith is an All-Pro quarterback. However I think he really turned the corner last week with those two late 4th quarter drives. I loved the 28 yard run especially. The right play call at the right time and execute perfectly.

I predict San Francisco will win in a closely contested battle. Although I would love to see a 49ers romp as well. We will find out today if the 49ers are a team of density.


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