Monday, January 16, 2012

Go 49ers! "Alcatraz", "The Firm"


I was sort of happy about New York beating Green Bay last night in the NFL playoffs. That means the 49ers have home field advantage in the NFC Championship game. However it's longer that we have to see the goofiest looking head coach/quarterback combination in the NFL. Tom Coughlin, eww!, and Eli Manning. I don't know anything about Manning, he may be the coolest guy in the world. However he looks like a complete putz. If Waldo, from Where's Waldo, invaded reality he'd be indistinguishable from Eli. He seems like the annoying little brother that follows his big brother around everywhere. It also makes me laugh that people debate which Manning would they rather have. I only have to spend .002 seconds to come up with my answer, it's easily Peyton.

Out of the two match ups I expect the 49ers-Giants game to be the best. I really liked the great play calls of the 49ers. Even better I liked how the 49ers executed those, especially in the clutch. I'm still not completely sold on Alex Smith. However he does make the occasional great throw and he throws the ball away when he's in trouble. He has made considerable progress under Harbaugh this season. Also how can you not love their rushing game and their ball hawking, turnover causing defense? Go 49ers. I'll be glued in front of my TV watching this game.

I'm not really interested in the AFC Championship game. I'm just glad the Denver Tebows have been kicked out of the playoffs. Thanks again New England. I'm hoping that there isn't a San Francisco vs. Baltimore or a New York vs. New England Super Bowl. I don't want to hear for two weeks about Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh or a rematch of the Giants-Patriots 2008 Super Bowl. Otherwise known as the how in the hell did Eli Manning win a Super Bowl? I've heard more than enough about those two stories so far.

Thanks to Comcast On Demand I watched the first episode of the the new TV series "The Firm". This is based on John Grisham's book of the same name. However the series is set 10 years after the events of the book and movie. I watched Episode 1 last night and it starts out slowly, but picks up speed. It had a good ending and I had to stop myself from watching Part 2 last night. I already had watched too much TV yesterday.

Josh Lucas is perfect and very believable as Mitch McDeere. I love seeing old friends from past classic TV shows. There are two actors from "Battlestar Galactica". The first is the barely recognizable and extremely hot Tricia Heifer as Alex Clark. She played Gaius Baltar's favorite Cylon, number 6. Although she looks a lot better as blonde. And another old friend from "Battlestar Galactica", the Cylon Leoben Conoy. I like Juliette Lewis as Mitch McDeere's secretary. Molly Parker does a great job as McDeere's beleaguered wife Abby. So overall a great cast. The McDeer daughter feels extraneous to me though.

The lovely Tricia Heifer:

I really like how "The Firm" TV series is set 10 years in the future. That still gives it a solid foundation to build on. However there's enough distance not to have to rely on the book or movie. I also like some of the story lines. That includes McDeere realizing the anger of the father whose son had been killed by McDeere's client. McDeere recognized the humanity of the victims father and did what he could to minimize the damage of a potential assassination.

Two story lines that I was disappointed in are Alex Clark's firm buying McDeere's practice. That's okay, but buying his firm to keep him silent is kind of lame. It seems like the TV producers are recycling the story line of the book about a crooked firm. I also dislike the mob ties story line.

I also watched two more episodes of "Lost" from Season 4. One of those episodes was "Meet Kevin Johnson". That's the return of Michael to the show. Why did they bring him back? Michael is one of the most boring characters in "Lost" history. The whole Michael/Walt storyline sucked. I was so glad when they left at the end of Season Two. Them exiting the show was a good idea and not having Michael back on the show would have even been a better idea.

I also watched another good episode of "A Gifted Man". The show is emotionally manipulative and a bit predictable. (I knew that the grandmother, Cristina Gonzalez I believe, would be coming in and picking up her grandson to raise him. And that she and Maribella would partially reconcile. Although I knew that was going to happen, I was okay with it.) In spite of those things I like "Gifted". I love the characters and the Dr. Holt/ Anna dynamic. I also love Zeke and Dr. Sykoro, played by the absolutely gorgeous Rachelle Lefevre.

Then tonight I'm excited about the two hour premiere of "Alcatraz", it seems to have the potential to be a good show. At least the concept is intriguing, but I'm disheartened that it's on Fox. Fox is notorious for ruining a great idea with their corporate America thinking. Of course, "American Idol" being the prime example. Also I thought "Terra Nova" had the potential to be a great show. It seems like Fox is one of those companies that doesn't trust their creative people and interferes with everything. Fox probably has an accountant to cut off the creative people at the knees on any idea that's too expensive. They also probably have a focus group on every decision they make. (The anti-corporate thinking was exemplified by Steve Jobs and Apple. Sarcasm alert: And look where it got them, they are nowhere as great a company as Fox.)

I'll be watching all two hours tonight and I hope Fox hasn't interfered enough to what could be a great show. I'm excited by "Alcatraz". Again I like the premise of the plot. I'm also heartened that most of the creative force of "Lost" is behind this series. Although as I work through Season 4 of "Lost' it certainly the series is following the law of diminishing returns. But still that creative force created some of the most amazing ideas and characters in TV history. Anytime I see the Bad Robot logo I feel like I'm in the hands of a gigantic creative force. Not every thing J.J. Abrams and fellow creators do is gold, but a lot of it is.


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