Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The best game for boob heads?

Recently i have been putting many hours into the latest Saints Row game (360/PS3) and although i play mainly for the enjoyment of crashing cars, shooting people in the face and killing the police with a giant purple dildo, i also love dressing up my girl.

Saints Row the third has some brilliantly designed edit modes. Not content with the size of your breast? Go get plastic surgery. Want to dress up as a cheer leader in your favourite colours? You can do that too.

Hats of to Saints Row team.

Hit the jump button to see my latest creation. If you like what you see or you have done better send me a screenshot to my email and il be sure to update the blog with your pictures too.

I love how chunky i made her

This is my outfit when i want to watch some ass

I actually downloaded this "beyonce" skin from the forums

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